Mark V on Linux

As a Linux user I’ve never been able to play Nehahra. QuakeFTE has an inbuilt menu setting for this (as it does for all of the expansions) but it doesn’t work. After recently being directed to MarkV though I find that it plays it perfectly but I have a few questions:

  1. There is a downloadable patch for Nehahra in the Windows version of MarkV (fmod.dll) but no Linux equivalent, is this likely to cause problems at some point?

  2. MarkV on Linux doesn’t exit well, it just hangs if I use the internal quit function. To close it I have to use the OS to kill it, and this takes a while sometimes. Is this a known problem?

  3. Apparently MarkV can move backwards and forwards through a demo playback but I can’t see how to do this, can anyone help?

I don’t use Linux, but isn’t it possible to throw the dll in the Nehahra folder in Linux? Also, Mark V has no documentation aside from the Help command in-engine and its func_msgboard thread. You should give it a read.

dll’s are Windows files, I don’t think Linux will recognize or use it at all. It’s possible I won’t need this anyway and it’s just a minor patch. Nehahra is running fine so far.

The shutdown gltch was worrying at first as I thought it had caused a system-wide crash. It turns out though that using the OS to close the program results in a clean exit. It still takes a while to shut down and is annoying but being able to run Nehahra (at last!) makes it worth keeping the engine around…

ETA: I’ve figured out how to navigate demos and it was pretty obvious really. Nehahra has pretty long demos between maps and I accidentally paused one of them and pressing pause again unpaused it. After trying several keys it turns out that the arrow keys will fast forward or rewind the demo, downarrow acts as pause too. Possibly there’s a way to skip demos too but left click doesn’t do this…