Minor issues

Hi there! Quaddicted is awesome :slight_smile:

I found some minor issues (there may be a few more, haven’t investigated fully):

https://www.quaddicted.com/reviews/ttot.html   - Malformed checksum text part, "(.zipttot.zip" included.
https://www.quaddicted.com/reviews/bario3.html - Malformed checksum text part, "( bario3.zip" included.
https://www.quaddicted.com/reviews/ohzarm.html - MD5 mismatch. e407abc4c8ea5823d8e3c10812fa7471, page claims d6fdaff646ec02790f5d84b9ea158aa7
https://www.quaddicted.com/reviews/jhhub6.html - MD5 mismatch. 0a726330a2d39dff718991afbb731c7f, page claims ba7436c6e8e3c1fa3b5696939e9fb8e2
https://www.quaddicted.com/reviews/jhhub6.html - GOSTOWN7.BSP is in ZIP but not listed in the HTML.
https://www.quaddicted.com/reviews/lfsp1.html  - MD5 mismatch. c39bf856de8a7387febc4d069b686961, page claims 3ae2840d734989e5e8c5833253b81801
https://www.quaddicted.com/reviews/lfsp2.html  - MD5 mismatch. eb49c6bb4de5efa8f5f40a2cb70c5959, page claims c276a9b006793138420876d8386d8db8
https://www.quaddicted.com/reviews/lfsp3.html  - MD5 mismatch. 34ffe78697a33f6e5d445a6fe9634aab, page claims 665a8681d27978ed57fbc5cf451aed8a
https://www.quaddicted.com/reviews/lfspme.html - MD5 mismatch. 56b6229c27b859d3a063c9b872cfc8f1, page claims 62a9a461272a9b0416f27d7b65c9fc7c

MD5 was generated with: certutil -hashfile <file> MD5

Whoa thanks! I am not sure what the first two are supposed to mean but the others are serious. Could you check against other online sources like https://www.gamers.org/pub/idgames2/levels/ if they match the checksums and if so, what the differences are?

The HTML on the page is “ (.zipttot.zip (5340c8b89e0aca4860b0fbb3a2345288)” instead of the normal “(MD5)” - maybe a mistake when entering the checksum long time ago or some parsing failure somewhere?

I checked https://www.gamers.org/pub/idgames2/levels/m-o/ohzarm.zip and it has the hash e407abc4c8ea5823d8e3c10812fa7471 which is the same as the ZIP hosted on Quaddicted has, meaning the text/database value is probably wrong for some reason.

I’ve used the checksums from the review pages (not manually, I have written some C#/.NET code to fetch maps/metadata + verify integrity, will probably share it on Github when it is mature enough and has some documentation) to verify all the maps, to make sure my local mirror/archive is not corrupt.

The good news is that almost everything looks good checksum wise. There’s a few more that looked wrong but I haven’t had time to check if it’s wrong on my side or not.

Thanks for your work with Quaddicted and the general Quake archiving efforts :slight_smile:

Just a friendly nudge in case this was forgotten :slight_smile: Discovered the same issue today that OP noticed with maps bario3 and ttot. The md5sum field in QI’s database.xml also have the extra data in them. Doesn’t seem to affect QI though. QI didn’t complain when I installed ttot.

Found one more map with bad md5sum, siluette, has a random ‘(’ before the md5sum.

Totally was forgotten indeed.

Thanks! I fixed bario3, ohzarm, siluette and ttot.

Amazing that no one had noticed for 10 years before Unstruct’s posts… http://web.archive.org/web/20120315183047/http://www.quaddicted.com/reviews/ttot.html

For the other releases it would be great to do some digging and find them elsewhere for verification. Or dive into the web archive to see if there were other files served by Quaddicted at some point.

Awesome, thanks!

I suspect no one noticed (or bothered to report it) since QI doesn’t complain about checksum mismatch. I guess QI doesn’t verify checksums for downloads?