Mod Making Help.

Not sure where to put this, but are there any modders from the Quake Community here? I wish to start my own mod, but I’m not sure how to start. If anything on the specific level, I’m trying to make a Quake Mod that has storyline like Nehahra (but not in any way based on it, if that made sense), except to have it look and feel like the Doom Mod Guncaster (maybe less caster, more gun, but still want a little bit of caster.) I’d be very excited to make a Mod for my first if I can grab some help with too. Maybe team effort?

Doing a mod like Neharha is one giant undertaking. Not sure how easy it would be to form a team to do something that complex – but you never know. Why not try? I am not looking to join a team as my spare time is very limited and I don’t code. Only mapping right now. Func_Msgboard might be a better place to ask. Good luck Sleeper.

Thank you. It will be big, which is why we have our own imaginations for a reason. For me and for now, I’m just a small artist. But I’m willing to expand on learning other things. Not just along the way. But thank you for pointing in the right direction.