Mod "Play_Q" rev.12 QSS+VK (21.03.23)

Modification “Play_Q revision 12” of 21.03.23 (based on the mod “TribalFX ver.0.1T”)
(the mod works stably on the “QSS 0.94.0” engine and higher)

Revision 12:

  • the “hknight” model (MDL+MD5) has been replaced with a corrected animation of death when falling to the knees, because the joints of the hands cannot physically bend as they were originally done + some animation has also been fixed;
  • replaced the “boss” model (MDL+MD5) with corrected attack animation, in which the left hand in the original version of the model rotated along its axis, and removed bright pixels that are poorly displayed on the model in the form of spots + some animation has also been fixed;
  • added the “lavaboss.mdl” model from “tribalfx-01Ufix2”, which is thrown by the boss, with a replaced texture of higher quality and a hole in the vertices of the model is sealed;
  • the “teleport.mdl” model has been replaced - a hole in the vertices of the model has been repaired;
  • replaced the “gib_spawn” model with pulsating animation from “tribalfx-01Ufix2”$
  • replaced the “progs.dat” file with the updated boss file;
  • replaced the map file “end.bsp” to the version of the map from Q2021 with the fixed error of spikes flying out of the last trap;
  • replaced the “end.ent” file with a compatible one from Q2021;
  • replaced the “end.lit” file with a compatible card from Q2021;
  • for VKQuake users, a separate file “pak0.pak” has been replaced, which takes into account all changes.

Please note that other versions of the “end.ent” and “end.lit” files are not compatible with the existing “end.bsp” map! If you replace them, then only everything and the map too!

To the attention of VKQuake users:

  • this engine does not support shadows;
  • it supports only textures in TGA format (sky textures);
  • it does not support MD5 models, but only MDL format.

Inside the archive there is also a description in Russian

Download link (revision 12):

Download link (revision 12 for “VKQuake” engine):

Download link (music tracks):

Screenshots (“QSS” engine):

Briefly about what was added and redone in the modification “Tribal FX 0.1T” (full description in the file "readme…txt "):

  • added forward and backward displacement when animating death and animating pain for the “enforcer”, “hellknight”, “knight”, “ogre”, “shambler”, “soldier”, “zombie” models (throwing the models back looks especially impressive when fired from a double-barreled shotgun);
  • fixed bugs with the position of nails when firing from the nailgun;
  • added dropout of weapons, swords, an enforcer’s backpack, an ogre’s saw and various limbs when tearing monsters to pieces (in the style of the “AD” mod);
  • replaced almost all models of weapons, monsters, items, armor, ammo, medkits, keys with improved models with my corrections (partially with additional textures). Monster models in MD5+MDL format;
  • redesigned all 8-bit textures for HD-models of medkits, ammo and exploding boxes. Fixed geometry of some models. Added glow-in-the-dark effects, just like in the original game. All BSP-models have been replaced;
  • replaced, added, repainted or corrected the geometry of parts of the following models: “demon”, “gib2”, “hellknight”, “knight”, “ogre”, “soldier”, “shalrath”, “shambler”, “zombie”. These models are created from Q2021, a torso model with a modified texture is used from Q1.5;
  • added sounds of falling knight’s swords and the ogre’s chainsaw when they die and shatter into pieces (used from the “AD” mod);
  • replaced all the music tracks that play on the game’s maps with frighteningly gloomy ones (not used in any modification) and added a melody to the game menu;
  • replaced the “g_nail” and “v_nail” models with more highly polygonal models from “Dark Places”. The models have been converted to MDL format, their geometry has been corrected and their textures have been adapted. Muzzle flashes have been made and added for the “v_nail” model. Also, high-quality textures have been added for models;
  • removed bright colors in the second green skin of the “h_wizard” head model;
  • replaced the head models “h_guard” and “h_mega” and the separating parts of the above models;
  • added high-quality “luma” texture for the laser;
  • “*.ent” files have been made for all levels, which use certain music tracks (now all tracks from the list are used), skyboxes and a small fog;
  • replaced all the music tracks that play on the game’s maps with frighteningly gloomy ones (not used in any modification) and added a melody to the game menu in “*.ogg” format with a bitrate of 256kbs;
  • music tracks are allocated to a separate archive (for those users who don’t use them);
  • to reduce the size of the modification, all skyboxes and textures have been converted to the “*.jpg” format;
  • for “VKQuake” users, a separate file “pak0.pak” has been added, which contains simplified MAPS and nailgun models that cause a critical crash of the game. To work on this engine, all the textures of the sky are converted to TGA (512x512) format.


  • shifting back and forth during death animation and pain animation does not always work for models, if the model is close to the wall or the player, then the animation will be performed without displacement (specifics of the game engine);
  • sometimes, when falling, the model may partially fall through the textures of the wall

Thanks to the enthusiasts of the game Quake:
Chereptor - for the new “enforcer” and “soldier” models;
OSJ - for the new MDL models of heads;
Tribal - for the “TribalFX” mod, correction and improvement “*.qc” files and providing the source code of this mod
Authentic Model Improvements Team - for open source code with improvements

If anyone is interested, here is a link to the topic in the forum with my fixed new MD5+MDL+BSP models:

P.S.: I apologize for my poor knowledge of English. :slight_smile:

With best wishes,
Andrew (Ash1980)

Mod updated to revision 6.

Link replaced.

I really wanted to experiment and I changed the walking animation of the “enforcer” model. During the New Year holidays, there was time and I finally did it. Now, while walking, the “enforcer” walks with a gun at the ready and doesn’t drag it across the floor. Now the pain animations look less ragged because the “enforcer” holds his gun with two hands.

I have not yet started to include this modified model in my mini mod, but posted it separately. Who likes it will leave it in their assembly. Later I will add both models to my mod so that you have a choice.

Download link in message #4 below

Example screenshot of animation comparison:

Fixed the walking animation of the optional “enforcer-gun walk” model. I didn’t like the way he walked and shook his head. The shaking of the head is reduced and the movement of the legs is made more natural.

Download link (MD5+MDL+Source in Blender):

A little later I will add these changes to my mini mod.

Thug life, real street.

Ha-ha! That’s right. First they shoot and then they look at whom and why. :slight_smile:

Ha-ha! That’s right. First they shoot and then they look at whom and why. :)[/quote]
Y’know the rule of thumb in ‘Doom 3’ - if you can see at whom do you shoot, you cheat.

Mod updated to revision 7.

Link replaced.

Mod updated to revision 8.

Link replaced.

GIF animation with modified animation of the death of the hellknight:

I changed the animation of the death of the hellknight because I really didn’t like his terribly deformed hands when the sword was in the upper position and I lowered it down. I also lowered his another hand and turned both in the axial direction. Now everything looks almost undistorted. I also once again corrected the entire animation of walking and running so that the legs of the hellknight did not spread out in width.

I didn’t like the animation of the knight’s attack and I changed it to a smoother one than it was in the previous version of the model (at least it seems so to me). Also, the animation of the death of a demon with an incorrect frame of the location of the head was slightly changed.

If you want, I can update the version and update the download link.

Mod updated to revision 9.

Link replaced.

I converted the MD3-model of the double-barreled shotgun from “Doom 4 Remake” to the MDL-model “v_shot.mdl” and corrected the displaced geometry of the model. Additionally, a 24-bit texture is attached. I’ll add it to my mod later when something else interesting comes up.

Links to a separate download and screenshots:

Mod updated to revision 10.

Link replaced.

Link to the original models by Chereptor:

There is also a link to the new ranger model by Chereptor, but I haven’t used it yet, because I need to adapt a lot of animation frames due to the change in the shape of boots, axe and gun:

doesn’t work on vkquake seemingly :frowning: first map has the error “model progs/g_nail.mdl has too many vertices (2499; max = 2000)”

I wrote in the description that the mod works stably on the “Quakespasm Spiked” engine since version 0.94 and “Dark Places” (“DP” supports only MDL-models from this mod).

Models with more than 2000 vertices don’t work on the “Vkquake” and “Kex Engine”! These are the models that do not open in the “Quake 1 model viewer” and the error window of a large number of vertices appears.

Just remove the highly polygonal models that cause the game to crash on the “Vkquake” engine. These are the models “g_nail.mdl” (folder “progs”), “b_shell0.bsp” and “b_shell1.bsp” (“maps” folder). You can also replace them with models that I adapted for “Kex Engine” from the archive “pak1.pak”. Open the archive and take those models that do not work in “Vkquake” and replace them with models of a simpler form. They all have fewer vertices. Here is the link:

Fix1 for modification “Play_Q revision 10” of 28.01.23 (inside the archive)

Open the folder “Simple models for Vkquake” and copy to the folder “Play_Q” all the subfolders with the replacement of existing files. These files will replace the highly polygonal models that cause the game to crash with simpler ones. These are the models “g_nail.mdl” (folder “progs”), “b_nail0.bsp” and “b_nail1.bsp”, “b_shell0.bsp” and “b_shell 1.bsp” (“maps” folder). All of them have less than 2000 vertices.

Mod updated to revision 11.

Link replaced (not music tracks).

Hey Andrew, music tracks link is broken.

As it goes to this modification, it’s once again outstanding quality, Andrew. I seriously can’t decide if I enjoy Quake Enhances of QSS more now, thanks to your improvements. Would you kindly:

  1. provide commands to make HUD similar to your edition of Quake Enhanced;
  2. suggest textures (for Quake and official add-ons) that are a bit modernized yet feel old school.
    P.S. For some reason I cannot start Acrane Dimensions 1.81, game crashes to Windows on New Game and dialog with error appears: progs/h_player.md5anim: dobe was renamed

P.P.S. Alkaline 1.2 starts and plays OK.