Mother Scrag

Interesting beast the Mother Scrag.

Here we see her still very angry at a beast it’s already killed.

Quite useful to use her attack as a deadly shower :wink:

This thing has a very neat model. Simultaneously, “wizards” are one of the most annoying enemies to me.

Yes indeed it does and I’ve no idea of its real name but
Mother Scrag seemed appropriate enough.
Which wizards do you refer to? Is it the ones that fire
the skulls?
I was contemplating the power of the newer Quake bestiary.
The twin sworded knight can kill pretty much anything quickly with
its melee attack. But as for pure power, putting aside for now any
complexity of attack, the toxic Shambler kills many monsters
with one blow and the green blob attack is pretty hefty.
Any thoughts?

@‘theFALL’, I think the enemy rooster in ‘Quake’ is pretty random in appeal, as well as in the way how enemies are being introduced to the player. I mean, strong ones can be introduced sometimes even before the weaker ones, such as the ogres can come before the enforcers.

In most FPS games, enemies are introduced to the player in certain order, remarking the hierarchy of power. In ‘Quake’, this seems rather shaken. I do not really know if this is good or bad; for sure it has some advantages and some drawbacks in terms of psychology behind the design.

Anyhow, the monsters I called annoying, are the “Scrags”. There are no wizards in the original ‘Quake’, as far as I remember, if to think of “wizards” as robed and hooded humanoids casting magic missiles while reading some leatherbound books. Nonetheless, there are such “wizards” in ‘Arcane Dimensions’ - these are called “skull wizards”. The “skull wizards” have their own presentation map in ‘Arcane Dimensions’. The map, is codenamed: “ad_test7” - very good one, by the way. I also love the “Place of Many Deaths” map in ‘Arcane Dimensions’ - codename: “ad_dm1” - even though I have encountered some minor performance issues playing it, which is rather weird. Both the maps feature “skull wizards”.

The ‘Arcane Dimensions’ version I refer to, is “1.81”.

Indeed, interesting when orges or higher are thrown at you early in Quake maps and it
does make the in-fighting more rewarding and vital when you can entice
the lower orders to assist in the slaughter.

Ha! The scrags are a blocking pain in the butt.
Superb AD maps you mention. AD lifted quake to a all new magical
level and so look forward to any new releases.
Your issues were lag in ad_dm1?
I’ve found a couple of variations in wizards, although fundamentally the same
humanoid, mostly in their attack and ranged projectiles.
Working on a small video to demo.

This green monstrosity -

… which I might entitle the ‘poison skull wizard?’

Is this the Skull Wizard? The Lost Souls projector?

It is an interesting model, but i think it would be better with a different attack to the Wizard-Scrag. Also, by the way, what’s that ball near its abdomen?


Anyhow, the monsters I called annoying, are the “Scrags”. There are no wizards in the original ‘Quake’, as far as I remember,.[/quote]

Wizards and Scrags are the same enemies. It is just that the internal and ingame names are different and it happens with some other too. You can see it here:


Grunt: monster_army
Scrag: monster_wizard
Fiend: monster_demon1
Cthon: monster_boss
Vore: monster_shalrath
Spawn: monster_tarbaby
Shub: monster_oldone


That’s cool - I had no idea they were the same enemies and
also Gila’s list of enemy categories. This would explain triple_agents
Just skinned up different?

Ah yes - the ball. It’s a diamond shape that seems to show up on certain creatures
and above the player’s head when one combines the following:

Sock’s test chaos map - 666 selected
Random map

Also, some maps show arrows which I’m guessing are
monster paths although very happy to be corrected.

So is that ‘‘mother scrag’’ a enemy from AD mod or you made it yourself? I am getting confused.

[quote=“theFALL”]Indeed, interesting when orges or higher are thrown at you early in Quake maps and it
does make the in-fighting more rewarding and vital when you can entice
the lower orders to assist in the slaughter.[/quote]
Monster infighting in ‘Quake’ is a valid tool in the hands of a skillful player, but I think it goes too far. Monster infighting should be given more strict conditions, limiting the occurrence.

Agreed, the “Superscrag” or the “Mother Scrag” or what is the name/codename for it, would be better off looking with some attack type more along the line of what the “Droll” casts - or perhaps a lightning strike, like the “Shambler” does. There are, though, already some airborne creatures casting lightnings, those gargoyle-looking pterodactyls, so perhaps the case could use another consideration of sort.

We discuss already existing assets here. Just giving them homebrew nicknames. The “Mother Scrag” is featured in the ‘Arcane Dimensions’ - as far as I remember, it is included in a map “ad_heresp2”, based on ‘Arcane Dimensions’ version “1.8” - but I believe the creature made first appearance in the ‘Quoth’ arsenal.

@‘The Fall’, there are certainly way more maps featuring the “skull wizards” and dark magic theme in the latest version of ‘Arcane Dimensions’, but I have to shamefully admit that I did not yet complete all of it.

Speaking of the “chaos mode”, it is interesting, but in my opinion, ‘simonOC’ pays too much attention to it. Personally, I am not much fun of randomness and rogue-style gaming, therefore I could be biased on it.


Not my work Cocerello - beyond my skill set.

‘Mother Scrag’ appears when you run Sock’s Chaotic Trinity
‘’ map which runs within AD.
I’ve not seen this creature elsewhere but it will appear in
non-AD maps as long as you have placed the map in AD’s map
folder and loaded Sock’s chaos map first choosing 666 etc.
Hope that makes sense.
I’m just scanning thru triple_agent’s reply and I see the Mother Scrag
does appear in map ad_heresp2.


Forgive my ignorance but what is the Droll?

Indeed many more AD maps featuring skull wizards.
I believe I have them all 40+
Just firing up ad_heresp2 now as I can’t recall the map.

simonOC still down - I was interested to see what lies within.
Yes, random indeed as it does unbalance many maps creating
creature chaos where mystery and contemplation was
perhaps the intention.

Nope, but it is okay.

There is a lot of unnecessary confusion going on around here indeed.

The “ad_heresp2” is a map based on ‘Arcane Dimensions’, but it is a map to be downloaded separately from the ‘Quaddicted’, at least speaking of the current ‘Arcane Dimensions’ version.

The ‘simonOC’ is a lead creator of the ‘Arcane Dimensions’. I figure out you mention the website of similar title as his nickname, though.

“Chaos mode” is an exclusive trait of ‘Arcane Dimensions’ and “Chaotic Trinity” is just a map promoting it. It is also possible to play any other level in ‘Arcane Dimensions’ under the “Chaos mode” - simply find the “Chaos mode” switch in the ‘Arcane Dimensions’ start map and you will have it - works with any map.

“Droll” - I may have misspelled it; but it is an entity.

I am afraid that in order to continue this conversation, we need to get some knowledge straight.

Yeah just played ad_heresp2 and indeed the Mother Scrag does make an appearance.
Perhaps the first appearance in Quake?

Yep I see…I did a search for Quake simonOC and found

  • still in maintenance.

Oh I understand now. I’ve been using Chaotic Trinity map to invoke
chaos mode. Didn’t realise all built into AD any how.

Another monster I haven’t seen outside of ‘chaos’ is this
beast which I will call for now ‘The Toxic Shambler’ (until corrected)

To clarify some parts of the thread.

Also, some maps show arrows which I’m guessing are
monster paths although very happy to be corrected.[/quote]

If you are talking about textures on the walls or button like things, those are to guide the player on the main path of the map. Mayne official and custom maps rely on that, as Quake usually does not have more non-linear maps like Wolfenstein3d or Doom.

That’s the mapper work: If the infighting it is too easy or gives issues it’s his role to fix it, if it is not on purpose. Some mods restrict it a bit, like Quoth, but from a mapper’s perspective it does not change much, truth to be told.

Then you should note that the discussion is about exactly and from where it comes on the first post. We cannot peer into your mind to know :wink:

Also, that modified Scrag does not come from Quoth. It is probably one of the few more or less original enemies in AD.


Forgive my ignorance but what is the Droll?

I suppose he is talking about the Drole from Quoth. You can see it here in detail:

Ok, so let’s clear a lot of confusion going down here.

  • id probably was on a rush while developing Quake, so lots of monsters ended up having their final names changed, but not the entity classnames themselves (as Gila already noted), as it’d mess up the maps they had already made. Those are the actual monsters in vanilla Quake, they’re just called that way internally. That said, the Scrags were supposed to be called Wizards initially, and have nothing to do with the skull-shooting “wizards” you see in AD maps - those were ported from Hexen 2.
  • The Scrag Mother was added in AD 1.8, and already shows up in some of the newest maps in the pack, like Tears of the False God for example.
  • The “toxic Shambler” is the Boglord, and appears in The Forgotten Sepulcher, among other maps. Besides that, there’s also a “fire Shambler” equivalent, which I don’t recall the actual name nor in what maps it shows up, but IIRC it’s been extensively used in map jams and such.


Strange arrows that seem to be more a part of the map
building side of things I think - have a look here:

What do you think?

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh…that bast*** Drole - Ha!! Loving him - if it is a him?!!
Great listing site Cocerello.

Thanks for the info.
Tears of the False God is an outstanding map - thanks
for reminding me.


Boglord - yeah that makes sense.
The Forgotten Sepulcher - yes, I had a hunch I’d seen it
before but I was hazy about it.