Multi monitor setup

Can anyone advise how I can get my 2nd monitor working with quake?
I’m using VkQuake.
I’ve tried changing VkQuake.cfg and this partially worked. I set fullscreen to o and width to twice the width of each monitor i.e. 2732 instead of 1366.
This extended the display across about half of the 2nd monitor. Increasing the value seems to make no difference.
It also left the taskbar visible on the 2nd monitor.
The 1st monitor seemed to be working properly. It used all of the screen.
I’m using windows 11.

Thanks for all the help (not), seems I just need to use Nvidia Surround

It looks like another vkQuake limitation and you didn’t provide any hardware or software information except Windows 11 which nobody uses in their right mind. Have you tried to get what you want using QuakeSpasm-Spiked or Quake Enhanced running in Windows 7 or 10 environment?

‘another vkQuake limitation’!? What are you on about?!
You seem to have missed the point, I solved the problem completely using Nvidia Surround. The interesting thing is what happens when you only have 2 monitors (rather than 3)

Sounds good but you’d try QSS. vkQuake is limited in may ways mod-wise.

I used quakespasm before switching to VkQuake, but this has nothing to do with running mods, it doesn’t really have anything to do with quake! I wanted my system to behave as if my 2 screens are infact one and report that to the application (in this case a quake source port).
I would have thought that there would be many people here who would be familiar with such things but it seems not… Or they haven’t seen this thread.