Multiplayer quake

okay guys so i’ve posted a couple of times on here about help with making maps and You guys are a great community so i’m coming here for more advice. tonight i’m having a friend come over and we’re gonna play quake multiplayer. trouble is… i have no idea how to set it up. I’m using quake spasm and so is he i sthere a way to connect over wifi or do we both need ethernet cable’s connected to a router? (I have ethernet cables) if you guys could run me threw real quick how to hook it up it would be much appreciated he’s coming over in a couple of hours so please reply fast!

Was your issue happily resolved afterwards?

I would try this:

  1. download old Hamachi version (with free background work) to emulate/connect PCs into LAN-network?
  2. start quake (quakespasm) as usual, select multiplayer, create server
  3. tell your friend your IP so he/she can join your game

You can also connect PCs (old ones or through odd 3rd party adapters for new notebooks and such) in real Local Area Network (e.g. using COM-to-COM connection or even LPT-to-LPT for crazy freaks)

I strongly suggest not to use Wi-Fi for multiplayer unless you have extremely good connection and your broadband channel gets you more than 100Mbit/s: PCs will connect to each over the internet, no directly.

Winkyjuice is talking about LAN party so hamachi won’t be needed. The lan game can be set simply from “multiplayer menu”, just make sure to add windows firewall rule for Quakespasm.

Wifi is less hassle, so start with that and if It lags too much, switch to cables.

Quakespasm can’t do multiplayer (unless you’re using LAN), Quakespasm-Spike on the other hand can.

  1. Download modified version of Quakespasm 0.93.2_Spike

  2. Forward port 26000

  3. Set sv_gameplayfix_spawnbeforethinks 1 for Arcane Dimensions mod multiplayer.

  4. Enjoy

[quote]Quakespasm can’t do multiplayer (unless you’re using LAN)[/quote]That is exactly what’s happening here.

You can use Quakespasm perfectly fine to play on internet servers (probably even to host games). Just port forwarding needs to be taken care of if there is a NAT or firewall involved.