My first ever Quake map : "Roots"

Hello, I’m MetzMan and new here,

After the Quake “Enhanced Edition” by Nightdive Studios came out I dove back into Quake and wanted to give map maping a go. I started my journey learning the Trenchbroom level editor.

So here is my very first Quake map. It started as a personal tutorial and grew in complexity into a fully themed map with beginning and end. There might be some small problems here and there, but I’m still kinda proud of what I made. Hope you guys like it.


MetzMan (@TheMetzMan on Twitter)

Nice for a first release; perhaps too syncretic and unfocused in the choice of themes - such as you warn about - but there are some real treats and leading trails in the world-building - one of which, I recognize, to be the “botany”.

Very nice first map! Some really nice brush work too. I’ve been working on my own first map as well and it’s not nearly this visually impressive.