Need help to play maps with Quake Injector

Hi there,

first: I’m from Germany and my english is not good (learning in school about 40 years ago).

My problem: I bought Quake from GOG and it works very well with the Darkplaces mod but it’s not possible for me to play maps with it. So I’ve installed Quakespasm and Quake Injector cause I’ve read here that this a good possibility to play maps.

Quake Injector downloaded a map but if I click on play only the regular Quake launched but not the map.
I think I have an error in reasoning don’t know where it is…in german forums I couldn’t find any help.

Message from Quake Injector: Starting engine… Done with no output.
Installed is the newest Java version 8 update 131.

I’ve also read the thread “Some issues with Quake injector and installing maps” but I think I don’t understand all what is written…
Can somebody tell me in easy words step by step what I have to do?


EDIT: I found out that not all maps are not working (e.g. one thousand cuts is not woking) but other are working.

Moinsen! :slight_smile:

Laut Edit funktionieren zumindest einige Maps mit dem Injector?

Most of the maps do not come with their own start.bsp map and thus the user cannot simply access them via main menu. To play such maps, one needs to type in the console “map mapname” and then enter.

…or you can create a shortcut by right-clicking on your engine .exe, then right-click the shortcut, go to Properties and add " +map mapname" after the command line, without the quotes (don’t forget the space before the + sign). You’ll have to do this for every map you wish to play but then it’ll save you the hassle of typing in the console every single fucking time you want to play any custom map.