Need help with setting things up

Bought the Offering from gog, my issues are:
-I can’t open up the console for some reason and Idk what to edit properties with to open it
-I unzipped quoth in the quake folder and now attaqck animations drop in frames
-Not sure what update to pick to tweak my quake stuff

  • All I really want is to play metal monstrosity by Sock and stuff but the readme file for quakeinjector reads bananas

Hi there!

Good choice buying Quake!
What engine are you using to start it, i.e. hows the program called?


If you just want to get into the map (good pick, btw) here’s what you need to do.

  1. Download QuakeSpasm from the link below and and drop the application into your Quake folder (the same folder with folders “id” and “quoth” in it).

  2. Extract and put the contents into a folder called metmon (or just rename the extracted folder metmon). Put that folder into your Quake folder.

  3. Make a shortcut to QuakeSpasm. Right click on the shortcut and select Properties from the bottom of the right-click menu.

  4. In the Properties window, there should be a field called “Target.” It will have something like: C:\Users\username\Desktop\Quake\quakespasm.exe
    Just add a space after the filepath and copy-paste the command line from the readme after it (for metmon the command line is: -heapsize 64000 -game metmon -quoth +map metmon)

  5. If you did it right it should read something like: C:\Users\username\Desktop\Quake\quakespasm.exe -heapsize 64000 -game metmon -quoth +map metmon
    and it should load the map when you launch Quakespasm with the shortcut.

Obviously your filepath to Quakespasm won’t be the same as mine, but it doesn’t matter where you put your Quake folder.

Obviously this assumes you use Quakespasm, but that engine is a good all-rounder and it’s what I always use unless a mod calls for another engine specifically. I don’t use Quake Injector because, like you, I had issues with it when I tried it out, and found it easier to just set up and run mods manually.

As for the console, you should just press the tilde (~) key, never heard of an issue with that!

As far as updates go, it’s not like some older games (like Unreal or Thief or whatever) where you have to install unofficial patches and stuff to get the game to run properly. All you need is a course port like Quakespasm, which is a literal replacement for the original game .exe. Just copy the contents of the quakespasm zip into your Quake folder.

Thing is I don’t have the tilde key, I know this \ is supposed to be the corresponding console key but it doesn’t work.
I’ll look around the net.

Ah, non English keyboard then? Out of curiosity I googled ‘change quake console key’ and found this, may help:


Btw if you feel like recommending maps I’m all ears:D

Well, you wouldn’t go wrong with any of sock’s other maps, and of course Arcane Dimensions if you want a meaty campaign. For something a little more “abstract” go for The Isolation by Digs and Cataractnacon / Zeangala by ORL, both released this year!

But The Marcher Fortress is still the best Quake map out there for my money ($0 down and no monthly payments!).


Good choice buying Quake!

Mmmh, having issues with the target properties. I loaded arcane dimensions ages ago but now the quakespasm shortcut won’t have it as target when I add the line from the readme, I remove the brakets but it says it’s not a valid and to check the folder destination (ad in my quake folder).
What am I missing?

Maybe making an extra sublink to Quakespasm could help?
Then no brackets will prohibit you filling in.

The brackets shouldn’t be removed. What Lane Powell forgot to mention is that the command line parameters must be put AFTER the brackets, not inside or without them, like this: “C:\Users\username\Desktop\Quake\quakespasm.exe” -heapsize 64000 -game metmon -quoth +map metmon

Of course, you need to make a new shortcut, with different parameters (usually found inside the readme), for each mod. You can’t run AD with the shortcut you made for Metmon.

Regarding recommendations, besides sock’s maps you can download pretty much anything by CZG, mfx, Tronyn, Necros… Two maps in particular stand out for me: Honey and Something Wicked This Way Comes. For a different experience (puzzle solving, no monsters), try Explore Jam 1. The other jams (Map Jam, Retro Jam…) also have good stuff in them.

One final note: the GOG release doesn’t have the awesome original music by Nine Inch Nails. You need to download it separately and I strongly suggest that you do so, as it greatly enhances the atmosphere of this game.