Nehahra in reQuiem: nomonsters 1

Hi all. Wondering if anyone could help me out in my second attempt to play Nehahra. I played through about half of the first episode a while ago, but a hard drive crash erased my progress. It seemed like the start to a great campaign… except for the strafing AI which lots of people seem to complain about. I tried using the nomonsters 1 command, and ReQuiem seemed to accept it as valid in the console but it had no effect, either when I used it in-game or before loading the first map in the console. Everyone was still running around and strafing like an asshole. That’s my job! Also didn’t work when I put +nomonsters 1 in the command line, nor when I put quotation marks around “1”.

I’ve had questions about reQuiem’s console commands before so hopefully it’s just something simple I’m doing wrong. Thanks.

I’m literally experiencing this right now, except in Bengt Jardrup’s modified exe and DarkPlaces.

You mean being an asshole is your job? xD

@dwere I really don’t recommend playing Nehahra in Darkplaces. It hasn’t been optimized for it and it fucks up the lighting big time. Better try a more old school engine. That said, I have no clue about your problem, it worked for me in DP. I used the Epsilon build, though, not the regular DP.

I’m playing custom maps now, and I’m trying to pick an engine approppriate for the work in question. Some of them recommend DarkPlaces. Plus, I’m not using any fancy lighting effects.

On the other hand, only the original exe and Bengt Jardrup’s version seem to support MOD music that’s present in Nehahra and some of its expansions.

I didn’t use neither Nehahra.exe nor DPNehahra.exe, but a simple .bat file running darkplaces.exe -nehahra. I didn’t have any problem with the music either. “Some” of the custom maps? What’s out there besides Tim Elek’s expansion Tides of War? Unless you mean custom maps for Quake, not for Nehahra.

Some of the “music” is ambient sounds that will work everywhere.

Dunno, maybe you had an older version or something. My version is dated 2014, and the music in doesn’t seem to work.

The aforementioned Permutations of the Rotten,, and a couple of other releases. Search for “nehahra” in the maps section.

Well, XOlve made his Epsilon build circa 2011/2012, I believe, so I’m not sure about which version he used but it surely wasn’t the latest.

Thanks for the info, I’ll check these out.

So, no one has an answer to my question? :>)