New anti spam questions

Upon registration or for guest posts, visitors have to answer simple questions about Quake. Recently we have had some more spam than usual so I guess we could add new questions. Any ideas for good ones?

And I accidentally banned everyone for a moment because of the spam, sorry, fixed!

Actually, I thought that I was done justice.

“How many axe swings / close-range shotgun shots does it take to kill a [insert monster]?”

Both count Th_Damage = 15. So 100/15= seven times.

Hi, Madfox.

The generic question above was formulated as a template for various specific questions, e.g.:

“How many axe swings does it take to kill a Knight?” (Answer: 4);
“How many close-range shotgun shots does it take to kill a Shambler?” (Answer: 24).

You mean T_Damage = 20, right?
Now that you mention it, I’d like to ask: are you a connoisseur of QuakeC?, ‘cause I can’t figure out a small edit in the weapons.qc file and I could sure’ use some help.

Holy shit!! I just figured it out!

I doubt the usefulness of very niche questions; this would truly decrease traffic on the site, for a game that is already trying to adjust to the new generation of players coming in, with the veterans, becoming rare.