New deathmatch map with bot support

Hi, in case anyone’s interested, I finished a large Q1 map with a slightly different flavor. It’s deathmatch, but it’s also designed so the Omicron bots can use it. So for those who want single player against bots, or playing against humans, or both bots and humans together, it’s great. There was a time when just a few friends could have a closed multiplayer game, without somebody like Thresh showing up. Using this map, with DirectQ as the server, a small group can have a great time. To fill in the 16 person quota, you just add the correct number of bots. Some may remember the Omicron bot problems with original Q1 maps. I also had a few, and spent a lot of time ironing out the bugs, and getting a very enjoyable bot experience, for those who want this. I also didn’t want anyone to be in the dark, as far as how the map works. It’s very complex, so I am preparing a youtube instructional video. I’d like to post the intro video here. I don’t know how to do this. Any help is appreciated. Thanks.