New Here, questions about modding and trenchbroom and obj files

Hello there. introducing myself.
quake64 was my second console fps experience though i was young and couldnt remember much of it(if you count mechwarrior2) quake 2 on ps1 was the first game i tried to beat on hard.

I’m an indie game developer, currently working on my first game which just so happens to be a love letter to quake 1 and other shooters of the era. I bought quake as research material and fell in love with it after.

looking into the modding scene i find plenty of map editors but not much on how to make weapons or enemies. Though I doubt i would be able to make enemies using armatures like in modern games, i would love to try my hand at weapons.

trenchbroom is so far my favorite map editor. much like using blender though I would like to see if there would be a way i could export a quake map to an obj file or vice versa.

Hi KingNobunaga, welcome to Quaddicted.

Warren Marshall (a.k.a. Willem, a.k.a. WarrenM, a.k.a. Taskmaster, a.k.a. JneeraZ) has made a tool called “”, for converting (as the name suggests) obj files into Quake map files. Also check out its

I’m not sure about doing the reverse, but your best bet would be asking on, which is where most Quake mappers and modders hang out. Try the thread (for general questions, comments, etc. If you don’t get a direct answer you’re sure to be redirected to the appropriate thread) or the thread.

There are a few people on Func_Msgboard who either have worked or are currently working on replacement models for Quake, and some who either have worked or are currently working on Quake-like games – so you should be able to get a few pointers there.

To expand on what Icant said, there’s a Modeling Help thread at Func_ that would be right up your alley. Before asking questions that may have already been answered to several times, Func_ has a search feature that will list all posts within a thread containing the specified keyword(s).


I know this thread is over 5 months old, but I didn’t want to make a new post just to say that the OBJ-2-MAP link no longer works. Is there a place where anyone could get these for future use?

Hi Test123,

Oh, that’s no problem! You’re more than welcome to add relevant information to older threads. I know some places frown upon the practice, but I think the consensus here is that it’s better to add to an old thread than to have several threads covering the exact same topic – so, good call. :slight_smile:

Anyway, thanks for pointing out the dead link.

Yes, Quaddicted has it archived

If you look through the release thread to which I linked in my previous post, you’ll see that someone added a different link where you can download it (as far as I know it’s the exact same file as the one on Quaddicted), as well as a link to the documentation that was on Warren’s site before.

But perhaps more interestingly, you’ll also find links to updated versions of the tool. Khreathor had managed to reverse engineer/extract the source (with Warren’s blessing) and both Khreathor and ericw have made some improvements to the tool. You’ll find all the relevant links and more details in that thread. Unfortunately I don’t have time to sift through it myself and post the relevant links at the moment, so you’re on your own there. :slight_smile: