New map done, youtube video, ducks in a row!

Hi guys, I finally got my deathmatch map done, and the youtube video is ready to watch. My map is called the Bermuda Octagon. Although it’s not my first game map, it is my first Quake 1 map. The protocol for a single player, versus a deathmatch map, as you may know is different. For this deathmatch in particular, you need to know as much as possible, before giving it a try. Some, wouldn’t have the patience to figure everything out with no assistance, and give up. I totally understand that this is not the case with single player. Anyway, I am so convinced that the video is necessary, I am doing something that I hadn’t planned on. I am going to keep the download link in the youtube video only. My hope is that nobody tries it out, without watching the tutorial. This decision has nothing to do with how I feel about Quaddicted. I like this site and will call it home, until further notice. I not only have the new map set up for download, I also have a DVD ISO image of the tutorial for download as well. You can burn a DVD of the video. This may sound eccentric, but to me, there are a few obvious reasons why. You guys can watch the youtube video if you wish. Here’s the link:

For those who have downloaded my new map on youtube, there is a 12/8/20 revision now available. I fixed a couple of minor bugs. In addition, I added FTE and DirectQ game engine info, in the Read Me text file.