New Q1SP: Temple of Quake by Esrael

Yet another new level added to the Quaddicted database: by Esrael.

The author’s first release. A small to medium-sized runic-style temple with a graveyard in rocky surroundings. The level can be finished fairly quickly, but in order to visit all areas and get better equipment it requires exploration and secret-hunting which adds a degree of replayability.

First off, I’d like to humbly thank you, negke, for fixing the technical issues with the map, even if you didn’t have to! I really appreciate you going through all the trouble of fixing the map’s leak(s?) and reducing the entity count to allow the map to remain within the limits. It probably wasn’t a tough job for a veteran mapper such as yourself, but I’d imagine quite time-consuming. I really appreciate the Quaddicted staff going that one extra mile when uploading the maps: providing descriptions, tags, ratings and in my case, even fixing technical issues with the maps! O_o For the life of me I couldn’t figure out the input of the pts file that made it look like the leak was going through solid brushes. @_@ Maybe it’s just me being a dumb newb. :wink:

I tested the version fixed by you, and didn’t notice anything changed gameplay-wise; only aesthetics-wise: There were a couple of distant lights outside the map that you had removed during the optimization process. They brought additional dim light to the long corridor leading to the silver key room. Those lights had the ornamental windows cast some nice shadows onto the corridor floor making the corridor visually more pleasing. But better sacrifice a little on the looks to have the map perform better on less beefy computers. :slight_smile:

Another slight thing I noticed was that a light switch sound effect was no longer playing in this one secret area after having killed all the baddies inside. I feel kind of guilty making these nit-picks after you had fixed the map for me generously like that. It’s just that I wanted to point those things out, in case there were people wondering if there were any noticeable differences between the original and version 2. So, besides those two slight differences, nope. But if someone has a beefy enough computer, I recommend trying out the original version and checking out the long corridor, with its cool shadows. B) (Although in reality, probably nobody would notice the shadows, if I didn’t point them out separately like this…)

Anyway, thanks for hosting the map! I had quite a bit of fun making it, but seeing OTHER people enjoy it was the greatest reward I could hope to reap from this experience. Thanks again!

I tried to get in touch to let you know about this and so that you could tell me if I had broken anything, but I didn’t know how apart from putting a message in the Trenchbroom thread which you posted in a while ago…

Too bad about the differences. I remember those lights, but didn’t realize they actually had a distinct visual impact, otherwise I would have kept them when removing the big box. No idea about the switch sound. I kind of lost track of things after a while to be honest, because I made all fixes in Trenchbroom (which I’m not used to) since Radiant would mess up some of the terrain, as well as a text editor. It was more of quick test at first and only then I decided to fix some of the other issues too.

This map is interesting in terms of how there are two different routes, and lots of secrets. Although I think some of them are a bit too random/hard to find, especially the gold key which is very hit and miss. Even after realizing how to get to the area where it is, it’s still awkward to pull it off due to how the mechanics are designed.

For next time, try to improve on vis blocking (avoiding overly long sight lines), colored lighting (needs subtlety, it’s all over the place here), and general technical polish. Also, get beta testers.

I take the full blame, negke asked me for your contact details but I suck at email…

I’ve released an updated version of the map with deathmatch fixes, Omicron bot compatibility and realtime lights for all you Dark Places players out there. :wink: Otherwise you’ll be fine with version 2. Download link for version 3 below:

You can read more on the updated version at func_msgboard: