New Quake Injector version for testing

Could you all please test a new Quake Injector version? We are way overdue for an update… It has a random map button!

See for installation instructions.

Please report anything that is not working.

Hey. I’ve dl’d the zip a couple of times but I get a “Header Error” when I try to extract it. Am I doing something wrong?

Hm, weird. I assume you use 7-zip on Windows? I get no issues with using the built-in Windows Explorer unzipping.

can you help? I use winrar and i did the installation and I’m still getting an error saying “database parsing failed! cannot package database or read local cache”. something i did wrong?

No issues extracting for me on Ubuntu, but it seems to require that I update Java runtime despite being on version 11, with which I tested the new features (at least the one I implemented lol). While I’m happy to update to version 15, given that the last update was four years ago we may want to stick to the LTS version 11.

Is there something I can do about that? All I did was “ant release”.

If it’s compiled on Java 11 rather than Java 15 then it should be fine; you may have to set up your IDE to use version 11, or reinstall depending on which is easier for you. It’s documented in the setup guide that you should be using the latest version of OpenJDK so it’s not a huge deal.

Ah ok. Yeah, let’s just make users have uptodate software, that seems reasonable :slight_smile:

Got it working with the latest OpenJDK as recommended. Getting a database parsing failed error.

Please check if a firewall might be blocking it.