New Quakespasm-Spiked version issues

Latest QSS version seems to have no compatibility with neither pk3 nor png files, both of which worked in previous versions. Anyone knows why this is?

QSS is (silently as usual) updated after 15 month! Nice! Thank you, Spike. :small_red_triangle_down:

Yeah, that’s the version I’m talking about, been waiting a whole year for a new update, but now it seems they messed something up :man_facepalming:

Just loading a map within a .pk3 - all going well. It is just one file won’t loads or it is a global issue? How big is file, what’s inside?

I’m trying to load Copper Quake using a pk3 file instead of a pak one like the original mod, but I get this error message:

Draw_LoadPics: couldn’t load conchars.

I don’t have this issue with the previous version of QSS, it works just fine.

conchars. usually located in gfx folder or inside of gfx.wad within a .pak file. Check it.
But… there is no reason to compress 10 Mb data of pak0.pak to .pk3, just put Copper’s pak0.pak into mod folder and forget it.

It’s still more interesting for me. I have HD textures in *.jpg format and when starting the start map it becomes translucent. No text is displayed when the console or menu is called. I put back version 0.94.7.

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Ugh, I think I’m better off going back to the previous version of QSS, since now altering the gfx.wad file is crashing to desktop for some reason. Also, I noticed there’s another issue with the lightning where some models appear completely black. Oh well :man_shrugging:

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