ngEnter Sleepgate

Enter Sleepgate

Single Player / Co-op
Made with trenchbroom over a week and a half

Medium Sized

Base theme

Requires Quoth 2.2

*Final Version imo though untested with public

I actually made this from a forum post i made, ive made maps for other engines but this is the first real 3d map ive ever released, I was pretty nifty with the build engine.

"Like Doom was based on a hellscape, I feel quake is based on nightmares and dreams

So what if they brang back the slipgate (now the sleepgate) and made it something that can send your physical being into demensions that we explore passively with our minds with our sleep and refer to as dreams.

Its such an interesting cocept if they were to bring back quake and expand on that idea, you couuld really capitalize on all the bad dream tropes like running and feeling like you are getting no where, falling dreams.

I feel there could be so much gameplay in a world with no logic, walking on walls and ceilings, pure chaos demension that shifts around your emotions, your mind makes the world in a way but its subconcious and beyond your control."

Anyway I didn’t so much make the dreamworld, but did make the base containing the sleepgate

What happened to the slipgate?

Xiao Quake injector please.

Still has a slip gate, it’s just an exit now not an entrance

you’ll see

uploaded final version with complete vis & lighting passes, added some phong and tweaked the AO and sunlight

Great medium sized snake map with path that cross all over each other.

Yay! Make it a zip, not a rar and I will add it.

For the next map, please think about your restriction on physical media. Do you really don’t want to allow people to include this release on CDs/DVDs? I sometimes mail the Quaddicted archive to people with slow internet, I would be forbidden to do so unless I ask…

All done my man, updated the first post with the zip link

more than welcome to put it on DVD I just copy pasted the .txt file, maybe i should of read it, i thought it was all pretty standard stuff