Nightly ls -laR for ?

Hi Spirit,

I wonder if you would consider setting up a CRON job to run ‘ls -laR’ nightly and pipe the results to a file like ls-laR.gz. Perhaps covering the directory tree, or more if possible?

I’ve never stopped looking for bot files for the Quake Bot Archive ( ), and although there are now 215+ bots and 780 bot files in the archive, there are still 500+ files on the wishlist ( ).

I can’t help but wonder if there are files buried deep in your file archives, not exposed to the google index, that might be invaluable additions.

Going a step further, a script could be used to also pipe the ‘gzip -l’ contents of zip files in your file archive (or equivalent for 7z files), but that might be a step too far.

That’s a great idea, I will set that up later today. Also you can get a list via rsync, I think the port was 26666 or something, if I didn’t keep the default (feel welcome to run nmap before I check it later).

rsync rsync://

And is generated daily now. I chose to omit some fields for which I don’t see much purpose, shout if you need them.

Thank you kindly Spirit, I’m grateful and I’m sure the file list will prove useful to myself, other archivists, and nostalgists.