no textures appear when using trenchbroom in windows 11

while making a map in trenchbroom (windows 11) my textures are all like a checkerboard. but after processing the project it shows up in the game. While in trenchbroom the names of each texture show up with no graphic. also monsters and lights and health names show but no graphic. After processing the map everything is there, but while in trechbroom it’s hard to make a map that is pure checkerboad looking. Everything works fine in windows 10. I even have a working copy of trenchbroom on a usb and i can work off of it and see the textures in windows 10, but if i plug it into a windows 11 computer the textures dont show up … Any suggestions?

You need to ask this question on Quake Mapping discord. It’s specifically dedicated to mapping, TrenchBroom of course and problems solving

If someone replies here (or any other forum) then the answer will be freely and openly available to anyone though. On Discord it would not accessible nor discoverable.