Noob question

Quake released is published some years now.
I am quiet a conservate person, that is
I stick on quake terms of the 9ties.

I have a considerable ache for Steam.
Had some games, could’t login, played a game
for hours with a black screen (?!), bought a game
but it needed Steam to login,
and just couldn’t reach a moderator.

What I would like to know…,
is it possible to play the new added maps off line?
Someone with curious intentions could extract them.

I know it is possible to play them offline.
There are more distributors than Steam available,
but for some reason they never came abroad. is unavailable.

Just give me a map and I can play offline.

You can buy it from (I checked and it’s currently on sale). You don’t need to be connected to the internet or use another application to play Gog games if you download the offline installers and ignore prompts to download Gog Galaxy.

Yes. I had trouble finding the right link.
Into Dimension of the Machine I go.

I purchased Quake on Steam but never playing it on kex engine. Just copied addons to my old quake folder and use QSS & IW engine. As for me, kex is not the best engine for playing Quake (please, forgive me MG developers) not because it is bad engine, but there is much better.

The “KEX” engine is great in terms of more advanced dynamic lighting compared to others, but why the hell doesn’t it support external HD textures and models with more than 2000 vertices that I use all the time! For this I give it a big minus! To be honest, all modifications from this engine have long been adapted to other engines. In principle, there is only one new modification - “DotM”, in “Honey” they just changed the trees at the start, and in some places they tightened the textures. I live in a country where Steam does not work and therefore I quietly downloaded the pirated version. )))

Ironwail allows You to download an reissued versions of “official” remastered addons via Mods menu.


It looks like the player options are a bit twisted.
I use the arrow keys for movement and a/g for sidestep.
Console keeps binding keys where I don’t want them.
Without mouse correction I swift like a sight bound queer.
Almost like DeusEx.