Obligitory first post and hello!

So I found this site through a YouTuber called GGRC when I was looking for games to mod other than Doom. I thought about diving into the world of Quake mods and it is vastly different. By dive in I mean more than just slap on Quake 1.5 and say I mod Quake, that to me is like saying I mod Doom by playing Brutal Doom. Both are great mods, but I can definitely tell not represented by the whole of the communities.

The first map pack I am playing is Contract Revoked by Kell. Any other recommendations, I know about the CR map jam? I will say the imagination of you guys is mind-blowing from what I have seen so far, but the playstyle needed to adopt is just so different. Not in a bad way but like, the concept of jumping when I am used to being a 60 mph multi-weapon tank to a nimble guy with a lot of guys just has an overall different feel.

Note: I deleted this originally as I accidentally posted in Maps when I meant to post here.

Welcome! I deleted that other thread, no worries. :slight_smile:

A starter pack for you:


Thanks, man I will check these out.

So I played through your starter pack and I am really enjoying myself. Here are the notes on what you provided me!

CZG04: Really cool design love the castle layout for this. Albeit a bit stingy on the ammo but enough to make it work. Also, I like the getting called a coward at the end if you cheese the button and not face the death knights. Probably the best map of the bunch

Well: This one was awesome, at times confusing. But again a bit stingy on the ammo but then again, I noticed that more prominent quake players avoid using the ssg…err…i mean double-barreled shotgun, I don’t know what the community at large recognizes it as. I also love the ending when you come back to the cemetery and are able to kill the zombies as some sort of reward before the exit.

AC: I really didn’t like this map. It was confusing and overall unnecessarily difficult if you strayed away a little bit you weren’t left with enough ammo for the next section. But I do like you get your own start map despite using simple launcher.

Ant: This one I thought I wasn’t going to like until about midway. This was actually pretty unique and a great take on the “sewer level”

Monfree: Okay, I haven’t finished this one yet, but this is really cool and I like how the main enemy is your patience. I also really like how difficult the puzzles can get but without having to use strafe jumping or bunny hopping (yet…).

Menk: I love the egyptian aestetic I feel like I am in some tomb and it is really well balanced.

Welcome to Quaddicted.

If you want custom maps that are similar in style to the original game, I’d recommend the following:

If you’re looking for more experimental maps, or maps that have a very differnet style of gameplay, these are a few of my favorites:

Happy playing!