Original character sheet for the Ogre

John Romero https://twitter.com/romero/status/280117795314880512 a nice tidbit from Quake development with a photo earlier (or should I say he “https://path.com/p/18qUlO”?):

Transcription follows:

Timeline Character Sheet
Name: Axe Ogre

Description: The lowest of the low, this is the most basic monster in Timequake next to the Glop. It also has the most character: pisses on dead bodies (yours included), chuckles when something dies, and occasionally has flies buzzing around it. He also has a shield that will block attacks.

Animation Frames: Walking, jumping, hacking, laughing, pissing, attacking, dying

Attack: Axe Chop

Defense: Shield will block attacks

Pisses on you if you’re dead
Laughs when anyone dies
Has flies following him sometimes

Fine document!
I think the proportions of the shield and the axe are a bit out of order, caused by dimension.

I made an aproach from this earlier picture to make this buddy go.


It’s a rough trade of an Elder Ogre with wild horns and a shield.
The last I thought a bit small for such a creature.
Most attitudes it has already like jumping for joy, except for pissing.