.pak extractor

Can anyone recommend a program, preferably one that runs on Linux, that can read Quake .pak files as archives and extract their contents? I’m running Xubuntu 12.04, but have access to an old Mac running OS X Leopard and a Windows 7 computer if need be.

The default *buntu archive manager, File Roller, does not recognise the format, and I have not been able to find any program that does. I have tried Winzip on a Windows machine, but that does not work either. I have read a few suggestions to change the extension to .zip or .rar, but that does not seem to help.

Quakeforge comes with a pak tool as do the tyr-utils. No idea if they are packaged for Ubuntu. Quakeforge might be “quake” in the repositories, it is for Debian. No idea if they added the tools. There is also the “Quake PAK archiving utility” called par but that stopped working for me (not to be confused with usenet par2 stuff).

pak files are not zip or rar or anything like that. It is a Quake-only format.

Try Pak explorer, it can be found here : http://www.quaketerminus.com/tools.shtml
more info in the description near the download.

Thank you very much, Spirit and Breezeep. I’ll certainly look into those.

par ( v0.03.01 (2004-08-06) ) fails at me too with “Pak file size != toc offset + toc size.”
Which doesn’t sound too likely on an original Id .pak, when it even works perfectly

On widows I’m using pakexplr.zip from the site above