patch update for Xmas Jam "House of Cards?"

Hi QuakeFans:

I am loving XmasJam 2020 and can’t stop playing House of Cards. This level is so good I want to recommend it to nongamer friends.

Unfortunately there are a few buggy elements (a fall that sticks, a couple of other things).

Is there an update to this game since the XmasJam release?

If I wanted to check in later for an update, where would I look?


It may or may not help the author to list every bug you found.

I am new to this forum and didn’t want to be inappropriate. Is there a place where we just offer bug reports? this link will take you to a discord where you can reach authors more easily. I have just now found this, you may want to record a demo or DM me. I must have missed putting a link into the included readme file. I am ish#9729