Playing an Arcane Dimensions Mod (on mobile)


My question is related to playing additional maps that require Arcane Dimensions as the engine.

I’m using Quad Touch on Android which includes a number of engines such as QuakeSpasm, Dark Places and FTEQW.

After downloading and unpacking a .zip of a new mod, such as this
I’ve tried a number of methods which do not appear to work:
Adding “-game ad” when running the mod (didn’t work)
Placing the mod in a “mods” folder in the AD folder and searching for mods in AD game menu (didn’t see it)
Placing the mod in a maps folder in AD folder and running, for example, “-game ad; map warden” (didn’t work)


Use QuakeSpasm, in case of this map put in location like /OpenTouch/Quad/Q1/ad1.8p1/maps/warden.{bsp,lit}. Then in starting params use: “-game ad1.8p1 +map warden” (without quotes). In your case I see you use “ad” instead of “ad1.8p1”, but I guess you get the idea. You can chain some mods, like: “-game ad1.8p1 -game ad_duke”.


Yep, that did it. Many thanks!