Q1SP Mod DevKit - progs_dump

progs_dump is a QuakeC compilation intended to give Quake mappers more creative options than
“vanilla” Quake, while retaining the look, feel and gameplay of the original.

Features include:

  • trigger spawned monsters
  • custom sounds (ambient and triggered)
  • custom models and sprites with optional animation frames
  • multiple targets, targetnames and killtargets
  • custom trigger_push (can be used for water currents, et al.)
  • enhanced triggers (start off and is_waiting flag to delay triggering)
  • enhanced plats (toggle, start at bottom, etc.)
  • trigger_setgravity (on player and / or monsters)
  • trigger_usekey (trigger volume that requires a key to fire)
  • tele_fog (play teleport effect e.g. disappearing monsters)
  • Rotfish fixes

Sample Maps by Ionous, Mclogenog and dumptruck_ds

Please read the manual for full details.

NOTE: If you use this DevKit, your map should be released as a stand-alone mod
and installed into its own folder in the Quake directory. This is not intended
to be a mod that people make and release content for.


There will be some bugs. I’ll do my best to keep this updated regularly. I hope you find it useful!



Source: https://github.com/dumptruckDS/progs_dump

Yes !!!

I enjoyed the progs_def…,
was emerged by the custent_entity,
became inventive with the extra_4,
let’s see what possibilities this has to offer.

Well done dumptrunc!

Thank you I really enjoyed this project and hope people can use it.

Picked features sounds promising.
Lets see how it works.
Thanks for compilation.

Will the sample maps get their own releases, for those of us who are not mappers?

Hey Mike. The levels are pretty small and simple but still playable and fun. I think the biggest monster count in 19 in progs_dump_ionous

The mod is only 4mb and has a start map. So it’s ready to play out of the box.

Excellent, thanks!

Downloaded, and started to play. Thank you!

I do think there ought to be a regular Quaddicted page for this download, since it is (among other things) playable.

I agree. Will reach out to admins.


Thanks dumptruck!

Will for sure use this little mod for my fist map :smiley:

[quote=Hellblade]Will for sure use this little mod for my fist map :D[/quote] That made my day! Go for it.

The new version of progs_dump is here. Designed to give mappers more visual effects, game play options and quality of life features while retaining the look and feel of vanilla Quake. This is a massive release compared to version 1. It’s thoroughly documented and has been tested over and over. Some highlights include:

***visual effects like particles, sparks, lasers and lightning
*pain_targets that fire when a monster reaches a certain health level
*c0burn’s switchable light styles and fading light effects
*trap_spikeshooter now shoots lavaballs, voreballs, rockets and more
*Rubicon2’s “retriggerable” spawnflag and custom sounds to func_train
ladders and two varieties of breakables
various Hipnotic and Rogue entities like func_counter and earthquakes
and much, much more.

You can download it from the https://archive.org/details/progs_dump_devkit_v110 or from http://www.quaketastic.com/files/single_player/mods/progs_dump_devkit_v110.zip



Thanks to Qmaster, RennyC, c0burn, Spike and many others who helped me create this devkit. Enjoy!

If the admins here could add this to the Quaddicted db I would be much obliged!

progs_dump Version 1.1.2 is live

Download it http://www.quaketastic.com/files/single_player/mods/progs_dump_devkit_v112.zip

This release includes a new sample map pd_lightning, that displays the lightning trap entities in more detail in addition to the trap_shooter_triggered entity.

Here’s the changelog:

  • Added newflags.qc (iw)
  • Added new spawnflags (iw)
    4096 Not in Coop
    8192 Not in Single Player
    32768 Not on Hard Only
    65536 Not on Nightmare Only
  • Fixed collision issues in trap_shooter, trap_spikeshooter, trap_switched_shooter
  • Added workaround for if(string) engine bug (iw)
  • Added function SUB_UseAndForgetTargets() to subs.qc (iw)
  • Fixed sight_target firing targets multiple times (iw)
  • Fixed pain_target not using targetname2/3/4 (iw)
  • Fixed messages not displaying with sight_trigger (iw)
  • Make weapons fire their targets in Coop and DM2 modes (iw)
  • Prevent keys firing multiple targets multiple times in Coop (iw)
  • Fixes to func_bob (iw)
  • Fixed messages not displaying with func_counter (iw)
  • Fixed “delay” making func_counter not work (iw)
  • Added SUB_DislodgeRestingEntities to subs.qc (iw)
  • Fixed func_breakable debris sometimes floating (iw)
  • Added pd_lightning demo map
  • Fixed func_laser audio issue when used with func_counter
  • Added GNU License and source to my_mod directory

Screenie: http://www.quaketastic.com/files/screen_shots/pd_lightning.jpg

new video on 1.1.2 version of progs_dump

progs_dump v120 Release Candidate 1

After nine months of development a new version of progs_dump is almost ready! This is a release candidate intended for testing and to preview new features. The final version should be available on December 4th if everything goes as planned.

The official release will feature updates to the manual, more information on creating custom monsters and a bunch more I am forgetting at the moment.

Please make sure and read the readme and check out the newly expanded manual. There are a ton of new, unique features in this release. I am excited to share iw’s amazing custom monster code that allows mappers to replace models and sounds easily. This along with some other modifiers allows mappers to make mini-bosses and a larger variety of monsters without any coding. There will be much more info as the weeks progress but for now check out this new massive release.

Bug reports can be made here or on GitHub https://github.com/dumptruckDS/progs_dump_qc/issues
or in https://discordapp.com/invite/j5xh8QT

Downloads available on http://www.quaketastic.com/files/single_player/mods/progs_dump_devkit_v120_RC1.zip or https://bit.ly/3psjAG8