QS "background mod" mode

In regular ‘Quakespasm’ - unlike in ‘QSS’ or ‘vkQuake’ - there appears to be few ways to launch a game using multiple custom .PAK files, especially if these are placed in various and separate folders. For that example, if I wanted to launch a custom map under the ‘Copper’ mod, having the ‘id1’ folder, the ‘copper’ mod folder and the custom map folder placed all separately in parallel archives within the same directory, I would probably need to enter the game launching only the ‘Copper’ mod and then from the in-game console, execute the map folder and then the map name. That seems a bit of unhandy. Is there no way to bring a ‘QSS’ and ‘vkQuake’ feature of allowing to have at least double ‘-game’ argument into the basic ‘QS’, in such way that the second ‘-game’ argument loads on top of the first one and the third possibly on top of both and even so on? I do know that the regular ‘QS’ does allow for ‘quoth’ “background” argument, such as:

./quakespasm-sdl2 -heapsize W -quoth -game X +skill Y +map Z

although from what I know, it works only and selectively for ‘Quoth’ mod, not respecting even custom folder names.

Having included the ‘heapsize’ parameter in the example, I would like to propose for the game menu to feature a permanent ‘heapsize’ option, allowing to set a value to be loaded by default.


Actually, it is wrong. If ‘game’ parameter is executed from the in-game console, then the working folder shifts from exemplary ‘copper’ to the new, indicated folder, which means that in order to load a custom map under a mod, extra job has to be done organizing files within folders, so that a map could be called without switching to another folder. It all seems quite perplexing from contemporary standpoint, to say at least.

FTE and maybe Quakespasm-Spiked support multiple game directories I think.


Ironwail doesn’t support multiple game directory arguments currently but I know it is planned for a future release. Out of curiosity, what custom maps are you wanting to play? And why are they in pak files anyway?

Can’t you unpak them to id1/maps to work around this limitation? Because if you load a mod you can still load any map from id1/maps in nearly every engine I know of.

@dumptruck_ds, it is more about clarity and functionality than consumerware for me. The map is - say - generic, having a custom ‘gfx’ folder. It is not in ‘.pak’ but I do know of maps that have custom data loaded into ‘.pak’ archives - nothing wrong with it, is there? I mean, as long as everything within the archive works as intended.

I simply rather have things sorted between separate folders, this way I can navigate easier, especially if there is said custom data to a map. It looks less like a mess.