QS "vid_fsaa"

Does anyone know whether “vid_fsaa” value always defaults to zero in ‘Quakespasm’ or does the default value depend on some particular specs? Furthermore, is there any way to set it through the game menu or only through the “.cfg” tweak?

I just locked the fsaa to a value of 8 in the video adapter settings. The game is unhappy with each launch that this function has been blocked for it. )))

In the video settings of regular ‘Quakespasm’, say version “0.95.0”?

No, I set the value to 8 directly in the settings of the video card “NVIDIA control panel”.

Good idea; to each their own, though as I do not have an “nVidia control panel”.

Try adding the line vid_fsaa “8” to the file “config.cfg”. The default value in the game is 0.
If the value is constantly reset to 0, then try adding this line to the “default.cfg” file.