QSS heapsize question


I have a question regarding the heapsize limit in QSS (11 V 2021). It is a speculative case, I do not need it particularly for anything at the moment. I have noticed that the default heapsize is 256[MB], while the threshold of extended heapsize, equals 2097151[KB] - according to the commandline “currency” - which divided by 1024, gives roughly 2048; the amount of [MB] the engine thus recognizes as heapsize allocated. Interestingly enough, 2097151, is not exactly 2048; the exact number, would be just one kilobyte higher: 2097152; but as soon as one tries to allocate heapsize with the latter or any higher, the engine puts out an error. Two questions though: does the engine ever try to automatically extend the heapsize volume if required, rendering manual allocation superfluous; as well as, do you actually know of any contemporary example when the engine does put out an error regarding insufficient heapsize? Third question is, do you know of any example when the threshold of 2048[MB] should appear insufficient?