Quaddicted is missing THIS file

Use this thread to post suggestions of files to add to the Quaddicted SP map archive.

Please do:
]Include a download link (if it is not available online, upload it to http://www.quaketastic.com/ (pw: ilovetheshubhub)./]
]Double-check if the file is not already there./]
]Please only suggest original zip files unless the files were not released as zip (be explicit and verbose)./]
]Be verbose why you think the file should be added. Especially if it is not something old and rare./]

Please do not:
]Suggest mods that significantly change the original game./]


i would like someone to scour the compuserve, genie and old aol gaming archives for levels withheld from cdrom.com. also, i would like the original planetquake/24 database acquired for future research. and finally, if anyone will actually post level wants, i will add them to my searchlist. currently, i’m looking for a map (name forgotten) by daniel bohman, magcp.bsp by justin (gutter) byers, the godzilla movie promo level, spacbase.zip by dan c. (psycho) trethaway III, 3 levels by dave law - sewer system, terminal station and abandoned warehouse, and any other levels by the (unknown) creator of penkellis churchtown. you can contact me directly if you wish at goddogxxx (at) juno (dot) com. steve

well, my last century archive failed me badly :frowning: penkellis churchtown (cornwall.bsp) is by kew (timothy r. jervis), creator of 20 quake levels, 12 of them in the hexen 2 - like mod fantasy quake. in his kewsampl.zip, he has illhaven winter, which is the winterized version of the first level of fq - illhaven harbor. so, i presume it is (probably) winter.bsp - the first level of the fq winterized map pack (pak2.pak), which i had back in the 90s, but is now m.i.a and needed. for the same reason, i’m also looking for 2 painkill zips - all_pkn_maps and pkconvpack. steve




Still undecided about the “skillbuilder” maps.

Added the others (well, the last link’s maps were already there).