Quake 1 episode "hell violence"

Excellent maps created by Benjamin Pulido, for Quake (Darkplaces), a full episode that contains 8 maps fun.
you need the Darkplaces engine to play the maps, you can download it:
And the music:
You need to convert the music ogg to wav, place in id1/sound/cdtracks

Extract the srf, map, lin, bsp and bak files to Quake/id1/maps, and the jpg, tga files to Quake/id1/ textures/textures.
Play the darkplaces.exe and write in the console map e5m1 to play. Enjoy!

Map download:





Or you could, you know, submit this to the actual maps page?

The download links is broken, have another links??

Wisdom, you can find this on ModDB: http://www.moddb.com/games/quake/addons/hell-violence-full-for-quake

The preview screenshot on ModDB and https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WNXppZzOE2k might tell you all you need to know, though.

a episode with 8 too small and short maps…
i’ve downloaded today when i played see the objects are without sentid, in any points when the player teleport to any place he stay apprisioned in the wall, i have to use noclip to escape, the light in certains points are too high and have holes in mid to doors…
do you liked it??

I have not played it, nor do I plan to. As I wrote above, you can see from the screenshot and the youtube video what sort of map pack this is. I merely provided you with the download link because you asked for it (and it was not hard to google). :slight_smile: