Quake 1 Pre-release (Beta)

(sorry for my poor english) hi! I’m a Quake 1 fan and I was wondering if an any place had a copy of the Quake 1 Pre-release (Beta). I have searched these files for a long time but I have not had results. Is it possible to get yet? or just a far dream? :7

Seriously? I don’t know where you looked but this is literally the first result in Google: http://www.moddb.com/games/quake/downloads/quake-1-prerelease

I already had these files … I tried to run this files in DOS program but not have results.
you checked this files before?

No, I just did a Google search. Further reading some of the links, it would appear that the beta pre-release isn’t playable on modern systems without a little extra work. Someone did this extra work and posted it here: http://quakeone.com/forums/quake-talk/quake-central/8971-new-quake-pre-release-pack.html but either the link is dead or I can’t access it on my phone. I’ll retry on a real computer later and if it really is a dead link, I’ll ask around for a re-upload.

hey! Someone else helped me and now I can play this treasure! : D

  1. go to this link: http://www.dosbox.com/download.php?main=1
    and download DOSBox (first box: windows 0.74 win32 installer)

  2. go to this link: http://www.moddb.com/games/quake/downloads/quake-1-prerelease
    and save the files in C (if you want rename the folder q1)

  3. install DOSBox and open

  4. in Z:> type:

mount c c:/

and enter

  1. in Z:> type:


and enter

  1. in C:> type:

cd q1

and enter

  1. in C:\Q1> type:


and enter

  1. and its done! enjoy this beautifull game!