Quake 4 in Quake Infernal Stroggos demo map

Welcome to this new hellish adventure with our hero Ranger. This time Ranger traveled in time through an unknown portal and realized that the homeworld of the Strogg was invaded by demons. This story takes place in some alternate universe where the planet Stroggos is now home to the infernal demons. Can you survive on this planet? It’s basically Quake 4 in Quake 1.

[Links and promotion removed as the user tried to sell assets copyrighted by id Software. -Spirit]

I like the altered ‘Quake’ logo with these four “fangs” very much; smart!

Since you are asking money for this. Do you have a commercial license to distribute the work of id Software?

I think not even ‘idTech1’ itself can be redistributed commercially without licence, regardless whether the project based on it, does use any original ‘Quake’ asset or whether it has every single thing made custom.


That is, if you meant to release a selfstanding game.

To be honest, this level is so simple, uninteresting and has an error in the form of an invisible wall in front of the button on the bridge. Are you asking for money for this? I’m not ready… “Download mission 11 hub center tunnels here: …”

Let us not be too hard on Ben. I mean, we all have this ideal somewhere in the back of our minds; that we can do shit and earn big moneys doing stuff we love and not the stuff we are indifferent to, lest hate or despise. But these are not the nineties of the twentieth century. One dude is not going to revolutionize the industry, unless he wants to be fucked, so to speak. People are rarely anymore rewarded monetarily for expression of their passion - how much less for their remarkable thoughts - unless they want to be called cheap sellouts; which ultimately impacts their quality of mindset. The market, is saturated; adding more to it - in the way it already is - is not going to help out much. If you want to help out, figure out how to consume smarter and teach that to others. That is why, recycling of ideas, seems the trademark of our times - only thing that we lack, unfortunately, is creativity in recycling. We lost creativity, that is the biggest grief of our generation. We are infertile.

I believe the most valuable currency there is, between us humans, is the community. In communities, we can share values. That is why, financial barricade, is not helping out much, if you want to become part of a tribe. Unless, you do not want to - but then, there is steep learning curve, I believe, to prove your superiority and godworthiness.

Replay the map and there is no error, you have to jump to press the button and continue being careful not to fall into the acid

You better respond to my question above with positive proof or I will remove your posts. I don’t tolerate piracy of this kind here.

Hello friend, I am not hacking anything, I made the maps with my own hands. They are not required to buy anything. I’ll post more maps soon, I just uploaded another quake 4 map post on quake 2 dispersal facilities, I hope you enjoy it.

I believe you should clear the misunderstanding with money, then.

Unless, indirectly, you suggest someone to hack something in order to get something, which also looks like a misunderstanding of sort.

Your site:

You’re asking for money to redistribute material containing copyrighted assets (map textures for example), or directly derived from them (such as reskinned models, and that weirdly mis-aligned, badly 'shopped 3-spike logo), without the proper consent/authorization from their creators. That’s a big no-no.

When it quacks like an duck, walks like a duck, looks like a duck and tries to get money from you like a duck… Hmmmm. What could it be and would that what this beeing is doing legit?

Ben, this community is not trying to make you upset. It is defending itself against possibly ever being accused of harboring illegal activities. ‘Quaddicted’, is an archive; I believe we want it to last and not get into legal trouble for some idiocy. Let me hopefully give you a comprehensible picture of what is wrong with your offer - in my opinion, at least - in case you had any doubts:

You would not go and sell ‘Quake’ just like that, in order to make personal, monetary profit; because you know ‘Quake’ is copyrighted and in a legal sense, does not belong to you. I mean, I hope you would not.

This, goes further. Being a mapper and a modder, you know a game consists of various elements, such as, for example: textures, models, skins, skyboxes, sounds, soundtrack, as well as certain distinguishable code segments. You see, if you break down the game into these smaller pieces, it comes out these pieces, are copyrighted too! That means, you cannot take them and sell them separately from the game; such as you cannot sell the game itself. You cannot, unless you have a licence, which I assume, you do not have.

In your maps, you sell exactly these “copyrighted” elements, while these, belong to ‘Quake’ and ‘Quake’, belongs to ‘id Software’. It all means you are legally forbidden to make money on it.

Under what circumstances could you possibly make money on your maps? In case all of your assets, were custom - made by you, your coworkers or your legal contractors.

Having that said, I hope you can make the right decision. If you cannot, due to different sensibility according to what is legal or “fair play”, I am sorry. Unless you withdraw the money charge for your maps, I am afraid every attempt to advertise your commercial endeavors of such kind on this forum, are going to get taken down, eventually leading to having your account, banned.

I believe you can still share your maps in actual state, for free, thanks to the courtesy of ‘id Software’ in regards to modding and mapping scene.

The bad:

You can’t charge money for your mod/maps.
If you want to make money from it, you can try a donate button. You can also stream your mapping sessions. Then you can make a dime from streaming. Plus mappers, coders, artists - they may show up and help you :slight_smile:
Darkplaces, Quakespasm, Trenchbroom, JACK, Arcane Dimensions, Copper, Alkaline, Quaddicted, Func_, QuakeOne, other stuff (too much to mention) - all lovingly made by the Quake community, free to use and enjoy… and the crazy thing is that the creators are all within reach, and likely will be able to help :slight_smile:

The good:

Ambitious project, cool idea.
You found us! We are here to help you. We all want to see Quake be all it can be, and the community is very supportive. We know how much work goes in.
Have you seen Alkaline? I think if you targeted the Alkaline mod with your Quake 4/Quake 1 maps, you would have a whole bunch of other enemy types to use that also fit the base theme. There are also converted versions of the Quake 2 textures that you can use in your maps.

You can make money from maps/mods if you only use assets that allow that and abide to all their terms properly.

You can also collect funds for developing or releasing something.

This dude isn’t listening :smiley:
New YT video, still asking for $

Don’t worry, I’ll put it up for free when I have the full versions of Quake 4 on Quake 2 and Quake 4 on Quake ready. If you want to donate something to me, you are welcome.

Dude, right now, there is a solid reason to get this thread down and give you a big fucking warning, perhaps even make you banned from this forum. You need to make your decision soon. Start with removing all the trace of existence in regards to that silly website of yours, where you try to monetize ‘Quake’ or various ‘Quake’ assets, not belonging to you in a legal sense; because that, is piracy.

Since in my opinion, you have been suitably informed, next logical step, should be consequences.


When it comes to community creations, it usually works on the basis of: you can use the assets included in various maps and mods, as long as you do not try to monetize it, which roughly means that as long as you stay away from money, everything should be fine.

You had the chance but since you don’t seem to care, topic closed, links removed.