Quake 4 in Quake released!


Hello friends, I bring you this new gamepack for the first Quake. They are all handcrafted Quake 4 maps for Quake 1 medieval hellish style. Enjoy these action-packed maps and let me know what your experience was like playing it. I leave you some images and my paypal account if you want to make a donation. Donations will be really appreciated.

Download here: https://www.moddb.com/mods/infernal-stroggos/downloads

Paypal account: https://paypal.me/themrbenpulido?country.x=VE&locale.x=es_XC



Ok, where can i contact Bethesda / Microsoft to unleash the lawyers? (Full pack contains complete set of quake 1 + Mission Packs. Author is badly responding on moddb and has no insight in his wrong doing.)

Nevermind, i did file a report at https://www.siia.net/online/

I’m going to delete the mod, sorry. Thanks for all. 6 months of work for nothing.

Cut the legal stuff out, fix your file dependencies and you should be fine. DO NOT UPLOAD COPYRIGHTED FILES, KIDDO!

Just take the Files from the Id1 folder (PAK0.PAK, PAK1.PAK), the hipnotic folder (pak0.pak), the rogue folder (pak0.pak) and every “official” soundtrack out of your mod. Same goes for every quake 3 and quake 2 *.pak and soundtracks.

There are many free soundtracks out there.

If you take down your mod with the official files now and reupload it in a cleaned state you will be legaly safe and everything will be alright.

If you use work which is not yours include the readme files from that mods and do not claim their work as your own and DO NOT BEG FOR PAYMENT FOR WORK WHICH IS NOT YOURS!

Say you are in a awfull situation between a stone and a hard place when you need donations, but not take other works and ask for money.

The problem is that I can’t completely remove the content of the expansions since my maps use it, I can’t do it there and I won’t build maps again. I feel sorry for you. Yes, I can reupload it without the base game but the expansions I can’t remove.

You do not have to feel sorry about me.

I just give you advices, if you want to jump from the cliff, just do it. I am just partly an concerned bystander.
Using copyrighted material will cause you SERIOUS trouble.

The judges and lawyers don’t care if your mod doesn’t work if you remove the copyrighted material.
But they care if you use copyrighted material, but not in the way you hope.

You can use textures and other material from the official releases, but declare them and do not use the full package. (As many other authors.) And do not ask for money. Because this is technically fraud.

Maybe another user could say something about this matter? I am not that long at this scene and i am not versed in us law…

Apart from you lot, throwing your rattle’s out of the pram’s, about legal crap. I played it, and its quite good and refreshing, and a enjoyment to play & thats what quake is all about, well done to the mapper.

Modding is a grey area of legal issues but bundling the original PAK files is a clear violation of copyright. And since Quake is not abandonware but available in numerous modern game shops it is also absolutely unethical.

Just have your users supply their own PAK files.

From a quick look you also don’t credit all the people who’s work you put into your mod. Please do that.

Begging for donations on all fronts, including in the actual game with centerprint is really weird dude.

Game shops lol lol lol lol Just torrent it. All 100% free. Far as im concerned its a good quake 4 kind of game, end of conversation.

Aside from the “HurDur joust Piroooout it Doooode!”, in that mod are the works of other modders which he declares as his own. (Or at least he gives them no credit nor declares his sources.)

A thing which a “true pirate of honor” would not dare to do.

Think about that, Ninja.

Promotion of piracy should be prohibited on this forum.

If you want to be a common Internet pirate, fine, but do so in your wardrobe.

Thanks dude!

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