Quake Advent Calendar 2015?

2013 we did https://www.quaddicted.com/quake_advent_calendar_2013/quake_advent_calendar_2013

I fancy doing one again but only if it is very little work for me. So it would be deadlines several days in advance and strict word counts. How about this, I joined the annual hosting funds donation run into it:

I would really love it if people highlighted obscure, not well-known maps/mods/tools/movies etc.

Should we give it a try?

I would be happy to do something - I acknowledge that I have more or less quit reviewing maps (lol admitting this years after the fact, constantly telling myself I’ll have time again one day). I expect to finally have some time starting in less than two weeks. Maybe I could just write an article spotlighting all the best stuff that’s come out since I stopped reviewing? Jesus I haven’t even played the Rubicon Rumble Pack yet, what a sorry state of things. Actually planning to do some lan stuff after Christmas, maybe could do coop reviews or something. Coop is underrated and I mean to support it in Drake, particularly on the hardest levels of difficulty where things just turn into a fun/crazy shit-show.

Give it a try! I liked the 2013 calendar., and I would like it if you did it again,

Looks like the answer is No…

What would have been cool, for example: daily speedmap; then full map release on the 24th. Either full map by someone or possibly even some weird chainmap of all 23 speedmaps.


I feel like I was late replying to this last year as well but I would’ve been game to do something for this. The Advent Calendar from 2013 is a real gem! Maybe in 2016 we can organize earlier in November to get everyone on board.