Quake development questions

Hello guys. I have some questions. Very important to me. Maybe obvious here, but I cant find good answer. So if you have the answers- please let me know…

1- What is the good decompilation tool for Quake textures, models, sounds and other ingame stuff (osx, win)

2- Which program possible to use for making animation of the characters, hud etc. which format is absolutely good for Q engine?

3- What is most good from modern Quake engine forks at this moment? (osx,win) The few thing are need- classic view, flexibility, high perfomance on old machines. Or better use the classic Q engine?

Thats the things what really need for good stuff. I have appreciate such help. Thats really important .

Thanks you

I wrote theses tables a while back to answer questions like yours. It’s a bunch of manually aggregated information and downloads, including plenty of the stuff you asked about. Most of the download links lead to quaddicted’s file dump.


heh ok :slight_smile: thanks

I made a small goof. The link I gave you is the proper one for the types of questions you wanted answers to but, it’s only half of the entire compendium. Here is the link for the whole thing.


Also, I probably should point out a couple of things.

  1. Your questions regarding tools should be answered in the utilities tab
  2. Your question regarding engines should be answered in the clients tab

This is basically a “do your own research” way of answering your questions, but those tables organize all the research material for you so, doing your own research is made about as simple as it can be. In many cases wiki links and even videos are provided for you.

The one question you won’t find an answer to in my tables is regarding the HUD. For the HUD you will probably want to use CSQC (client side quake c). Here is a link to a custom HUD that you could modify. https://www.quakewiki.net/download/2967/