Quake "Double Damage?"

Howdy, folks.

I love Quake, but at times it feels a little bit slow (purists, let me be lol). I would like to find a way to constantly both deal and take twice the usual amount of damage. I’ve sifted through a bunch of the cvars and commands, and cannot find any settings that could support this. Do any of you know how this might be accomplished in a way that I could do this with any given mod/game, or would this need to be its own mod? I’m also interested in tweaking that value “2” I’ve proposed separately on damage dealt and damage taken - maybe I want to deal damage at a rate of “1.5” and take it at a rate of “1.75”.

Well, that’s about it. I’ll love to hear from any of you who are interested in this option or know of a way to accomplish it with a cfg file or a mod/game.

Thanks, folks!

P.S. I am running Quakespasm, but can in theory run any engine that works on Linux.

P.P.S. would dealing double damage run the risk of making it possible to kill Zombies without explosives? I might be able to live with that, but I really would rather keep that mechanic.

Sounds like it would be pretty easy to do with QuakeC, as its own mod. I’m not sure to what extent you’d be able to apply this to other mods without making your own version of each one. You need to deal 60 damage in one hit to gib a zombie, and the double barrelled shotgun does 56 if you hit all pellets, so double damage would gib it.

Hm. I might try to take a look at that. I’ve got plenty of experience with computer programming, but I’ve never modded or mapped for quake - I’ve been thinking about getting into it.

If I make any headway on that avenue, I’ll let you know. Thanks, h4724.

Correckt me if I’m right. You want 1.75 impackt from monster attack and take damage at 1.5.
You know it will ruin the game options, as the health/damage balance is rather delicate.
If you really want to take that bend you can search in the qc to the statement th_damage.
It Is in the atack scenes and fight.Qc. Changing this count higher will cause more damage.
The player.qc can offer you a way to make attack scenes harder, but also kill monsters faster.

It will change the impact of attack, but I think it is not a fine way to play the game.

That’s about right, Madfox. Thanks for the suggestion. I’ll try this out if/when I have an opportunity to mess around with some .qc code - not sure where it lives.

I may well end up finding it unbalanced, as you say, but it is an experiment in gameplay that I am curious about.

Hey, your post got me curious, so I whipped up a mod: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1XyHmx4aYR35S1a49VU3fAAT-KmZpotdJ/view
It’s just a basic 2x damage in the client.qc’s “t_damage” function. It totally breaks the game balance. Have fun!

I’ll give it a whirl, thanks Yoder!
Game balance wasn’t what I had in mind, to be sure. I’m wondering what it’s like.

Best wishes!

Curious, now, how a 1.25x damage given and 1.5x damage taken would play.