Quake injector: failed to fetch current database

I reinstalled windows today, and now Quake Injector is giving me this error. (failed to fetch current database)

Is there any workaround? Is it currently broken?

*edit: It just started working (I didnt do anything). So I guess, problem solved.

Missing network on your end or a server hiccup on ours. It can happen :slight_smile:

getting the same error today
plus database parsing failed! xml parsing error: date malformed

My bad. Should work now.

it works, thanks!

another error, when launching the new map primo 1.1.0: error couldn’t find maps/primo.bsp

EDIT: sorry I didin’t read the description

I made that work anyway in quake injector by moving the files. But I have a question: when the description says [Cannot be played through the Quake Injector] is that because of an address issue that one can solve just by moving the files or is it about something else?