Quake Injector is having trouble with the database

Is anyone else having this error?
I saw some threads mentioning plans to change the database format, is this part of it?

Oh! I was going to transcribe the error in text to make the thread google-friendly but forgot about it completely.
“Database parsing failed! java.lang.RuntimeException: Xml Parsing error: data malformed”

Found your message through duck duck go :slight_smile:
And yeah, I’m having the same problem.
I did a complete reinstall, but no dice. It seems it cannot connect to the online database of maps.

I don’t think there is any other app besides quake injector that offers the function it does – I hope this will be fixed quickly.

Should be fixed, thanks to negke! :slight_smile:

I’m still having issues with the Quake Injector application. I’ve tried to reinstall the program multiple times, as well as Java and nothing seems to be working. Quake Injector appears completely blank and no matter how many times I try to reload the database, nothing will appear. I sometimes even need to use the task manager to close out the program because it won’t exit normally.

Disregard my previous message. I realized that I deleted a folder on accident. We are all good now.