Quake injector, offline mode?

Hello all… Just wanted to say I’ve really enjoyed playing some of these maps thanks to Quake Injector the past week or so. There’s some really good/impressive levels out there. I was particularly impressed after I completed “Honey”, so I went and downloaded some of the author czg’s other levels… So I just played “Februus Depth” and “Biotoxin” on my lunch break. Awesome!

Anyway, I was wondering if there’s any way to run Quake injector in some kind of offline mode? For example, what if I want to burn a CD with some of these levels on it and play them again in 10 years? I doubt the Quake injector server can stay online forever. So once it’s defunct, I wish it could still serve as an offline level-launcher for the levels that it has already downloaded. Is this somehow possible?

I noticed in the OSX version I downloaded, it actually has a menu option for “offline mode”, but I can’t get it to work or do anything. I noticed the windows .jar doesn’t even have that in the menu.

Should just be as simple as downloading the description and screenshot of all the maps, caching them somewhere on the local harddrive, and then still loading the list even if you can’t connect to the server. Right?

Alternately: Are there any other Q1 level launchers that would do essentially the same thing?

I mean I know I can always type “game ZZZ” in the console, but having a menu is so much better :slight_smile: Optimally I wish Quake Injector had a few more features, such as a place to put your own rating of the map, perhaps a checkbox of whether you’ve finished it or not, and a small notes section. But I guess I could learn java and add that stuff myself. Not likely to happen though :slight_smile:

Do Rubicon and Rubicon 2 next! :slight_smile:

Sadly we have no developer for the Injector left.
I made it offline capable once, it was fairly easy. That made it fully offline though I think, it did not check for new stuff anymore. I will upload that and add a guide or something some day soon (remind me if I don’t). Having it work offline automatically from a cache if the user or server is offline would be a great feature, one I always hoped for.

Apart from that, yes, yes and yes! Those features are really high on my wishlist too. See https://github.com/hrehfeld/QuakeInjector/issues?labels=Feature+Request&page=1&state=open

[quote=Spirit]Do Rubicon and Rubicon 2 next! :slight_smile:

Thanks! I played Rubicon, it was mediocre, good for 1998 I guess. But I’m playing through Rubicon 2 now and really enjoying it. Some very cool custom enemies. The dudes with flamethrowers are really well done, and impressive fire effects!!! And the funny robots that look like sonic tater tots which fall over when you kill them… classic!


^ That’s what they remind me of anyway :slight_smile:

Did you do it? :slight_smile:

It may prove to be handy when on vacation. Beaches are sad without gibs and quad damage.

any updates on this? tried it but it killed ALL my installed maps (backup the installedmaps.xml file!!) - and didnt work… then i learned the (beta) scan feature for installed maps also didnt work - it wd be GR8 if a java dev just fixed these 2 simple issues so @ least we have a stable release?

A final option wd be a personal Favorite column where a user can tag fav maps too -

can anyone please post a working example?

Win7 64 with intel 3000 -

Bump. This would be really useful as I play on a netbook while travelling most of the time.

It’d be very appreciated.

Hey indstr, if you’re still around and you like Honey so much, there’s a map jam pack available with a bunch of Honey-inspired maps. You should check it out.