Quake Injector Qt

Hi, my nickname is Snake Plissken (Brasil). I am a “Computer Programmer” and I made a new version of Quake Injector using Qt Creator. You do not need Java to run “Quake Injector Qt”. You can download “Quake Injector Qt” (executable and source code) at sourceforge website: https://sourceforge.net/projects/quake-injector-qt/

If you have “Quake Injector Java”, you can copy the file installedMaps.xml from “Quake Injector Java” folder to “Quake Injector Qt” folder and all the maps installed will appear in “Quake Injector Qt” map list.

I have to upload a new version of “Quake Injector Qt 0.02” at sourceforge because I made 2 corrections in routine “unzip”. 1 - corretction in bug when zipbasedir was empty or “/” and returned the wrong path. 2 - corretction in bug when map name has dot “.” like “ad_bmfbr_xm_v1.1” and returned wrong name to unzip command.

Very cool, thank you!!

Anyone tried it yet?

Hello, new here. Played since the original release tho.
Tested this on the Quake remastered, and this works 100% if you configure it correctly.

The thing with the new release on Steam is that both the games is in these folders, the old and the new released one.

the path for the correct folder would be:
C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Quake\rerelease
and you would use the Quake_x64_steam.exe

Nice work!

Thank you Billy7320.

I need to do some tests using “Quake_x64_steam.exe” with “arcane dimensions” and coop. You can add me on steam if you want to help me. My nick on steam is Snake Plissken (Brasil).

I made 3 videos showing 3 different ways to install Quake Injector Qt.

Quake Injector Qt installation with Quake_x64_steam:

Quake Injector Qt installation with quakespasm:

Easier installation of Quake Injector Qt: