Quake Injector version 4!

I just released a new version of the https://www.quaddicted.com/tools/quake_injector

It comes with:

  • Random map button!
  • Fixed saving and loading the hipnotic and rogue checkboxes
  • Fixed UI scaling on high DPI displays
  • Fixes completely broken download stuff

Thanks to WRFitch, duganchen, Khevin Lieppchop, Warsen for their contributions!

Older versions will display the release dates wrongly from now on (with years in the 3800s and 3900s), so please update.

You need Java version 15+, which you can install from https://adoptopenjdk.net/ for free as open-source software.

Sorry, perhaps not a proper thread to post this, but I just noticed this when I clicked the Quake Injector page link. Why do I have “Edit” buttons when I view https://www.quaddicted.com/tools/quake_injector or any other page like https://www.quaddicted.com/engines/software_vs_glquake on Quaddicted now? I think regular users shouldn’t have that ability?

Not the right place indeed, but that’s ok. Sure you do! People are great and I always hoped people would proactively work on this site (or the Quake Wiki). You are welcome to improve and update pages where ever the edit function is available. :slight_smile:

Thanks, I’ll download the new Quake injector s00n.

Thanks to everyone involved for the update, really been wanting these in a stable build. Random button is a great way to find obscure gems.

I like it! This works pretty great. I had been working on something I was affectionately calling “makequake,” written of course in GNU make, but I think I like this better.

Another excellent release! I am 40 years old, have an xbox series X yet I find myself coming back to play gem quake maps thanks to you guys!

Thanks for the update and thanks, in general, for this wonderful tool. Since I discovered it one year ago it has displaced any of the newer games I have in my computer. Just what I needed to expand my Quake love!

I’d like, in the humblest way, to propose a pair of fixes/additions:

  • Random map function seems to not consider wheter a map is already installed or not. Hence, I get a rewrite message a lot of times (I really use this function!)
  • Would it be possible to add a column for install date? Sometimes I install episodes or jams that I find hard to identify later, in case I don’t write the name down or make an extra effort to memorize it.
  • It’d be great to be able to search by tags also, as long as they already exist in the QA map database. I can do the research on the QA map database (I particularly enjoy base maps) but having the option in the Injector would definitely be awesome.

Anyway, thanks again guys!

Thank you and thanks for these nice ideas! Two of them are already in the list of wanted features:

Good call about the random button, could you add an issue at https://github.com/hrehfeld/QuakeInjector/issues?


Thanks to iLike80sRock we now have a .exe file for Windows users that comes with a bundled Java. This means no more fiddling around with installing Java!

Check it out and report if something does not work → https://github.com/hrehfeld/QuakeInjector/releases/tag/alpha04-gradle