Quake: Mjölnir

Can someone please tell me when Quake: Mjölnir will be uploaded to QA Maps ?



As soon as someone gives me the explicit OK. I’ve been waiting for ages already.

That would be the first of Aug 2023.
The little tidbits that hide behind the deadline.

Yeah apologies for the delay, the team has all needed to catch up on work/life stuff as getting the initial release out was such a push. But yes we are aiming for August 1 for the full release with a few more tidbits!

Hey there, Tronyn! No pressure, but how are things going for the full release? :slight_smile:

I downloaded it in description to YouTube trailer. Get it here absolutely free of charge folks — https://www.dropbox.com/s/4bcnyt5x5tw7256/mjolnir1.0.zip

That’s the preview version, which has been available since late June (https://www.slipseer.com/index.php?resources/quake-mjölnir.243/). Note that you need to apply a patch, which will fix some - but not all - known bugs.

I guess August 1 was a bit ambitious, unfortunately team members including myself still haven’t been available much (busy with work and the place I’m living in is a ridiculous shithole so I need to deal with that), so I currently estimate it will be simply WITHIN August, that seems more reasonable. There will be a full showcase video trailer with the full release. And for those who found mj4m6, As Above So Below by mfx & IronLizard (by whatever means) its music is meant to be track18 but (my fault) that is not set correctly even in patch1, so for the ideal experience (this of course will be fixed in the full release) when playing mj4m6 bring down the console and type “music track18” (enter).