Quake "revitalized"

Yep, it happened. What do You Guys think? Failure or success from Bethesda/Nightdive?

Played it myself for 2 hours today (single and multiplayer). At this moment more pros than cons IMHO, but switching to kex engine… I don’t know about that. 2 hours and I’ve seen at least 4 bugs I’ve never seen before + I had framerate issues in new Episode hub area on a decent gaming laptop ;/ (Lenovo Legion - AMD Ryzen 7 4800H, 32 gb, RTX 2060). It feels like Quake, thats for sure and looks like a hybrid between Quakespasm and Darkplaces. Multi runs fine, quake64 included in add-ons.

Can’t wait for the weekend.

Well… I still prefer the original with source ports.

Two thoughts on playing it on low end hardware which is what I’m doing.

The game needs vulkan to run, cutting hardware that would be perfectly capable of running the game otherwise out of playing the game. Also Nightdive puts weird lighting effects on all their remasters that need to be toggled off.

My biggest problem with it is that I bought Quake on GOG so I guess I’m not getting the remaster.

Overall I think that it makes Quake more accessible to many since you don’t have to set it up for playing and you get music automatically. So it is a win in general cause some of those people are going to be coming here on Quaddicted now. I’m also happy to see DOPA is now official.

Only about about Kex side of things this time,

After few more hours disappoontment kicks in a bit. Kex engine is a strange beast. Nightdive did a great job with it IMHO with Strife or both Turoks for example, but failed hard with BLOOD. Unfortunately Q1 is more on the bad side of Kex. Makes one appreciate even more what community has developed oin all these years with source ports.

Shame, because 25th anniversary could have been something special engine-wise. Anyways, I still give props to Bethesda and Nightdive for trying.

Still waiting for a source mod with specular lighting done right - IMHO Quake would look spectacular with it.

Seems like an over-all positive for the community, but I still prefer vkQuake for now. The new maps are awesome btw.

Prefer QS/vkQ.

The Enhanced version can run on D3D11 too, you need to edit some config file.


(It’s from Doom64 but principle is the same)

Is is possible to run Dimension of the Machine on QuakeSpasm (spiked or not)? I’m guessing no, but just in case.

It’s not really playable. It runs, but you won’t get messages because the new release supports localizations and instead of “Only 1 more to go…” you will get something like $QC_ONE_MORE displayed (name of localization string it can’t find) and when you trigger a secret, it crashes into console. This happens in both Dimension of the Machine and updated Dimension of the Past.

I’ve done a small patch to run new version of Dopa on quakespasm, I’m playing right now to check crashes, bugs etc… I’m on secret level and til now 0 problems

Small update: Completed the game. 0 issues. Now I’ll play secret levels (played only one)

Well, I’ve made a small compatibility patch that can run Quake enhanced content (except models since they are in a different format: md5 instead of .mdl) on Quakespasm (except for Dimensions of the machine, it simply doesn’t run on Quakespasm at the moment). I’ve simply edited the .ent files and fixed the messages: since Quake Enhanced as localization by playing the content on Quakespasm all messages are messed up/errors…I’ve fixed that, but before I upload it I would like to ask: is something legal? I mean, I’ve not edited the maps, those are external text files and requires the Quake Enhanced material, so there should not be problems, but I want to be sure at 100%

Why would a patch that you wrote be illegal?
The vulkan requirement prevents me from playing the rerelease, which is beyond stupid as the engine supports opengl.

[quote=KEKengine]Why would a patch that you wrote be illegal?
The vulkan requirement prevents me from playing the rerelease, which is beyond stupid as the engine supports opengl.[/quote]

Because I’ve modified .ent files (only changed the messages to avoid crashes). Anyway as far as I know “you are allowed to use assets from the remaster as long as you include the license”…so no problem, I’ve included the licence. Anyway here’s the link for the public and enjoy, if you encounter some issues contact me. https://www.dropbox.com/s/4dsvwjsmcxt9idx/Quake_enhanced_compatibility_patch.zip?dl=0

PS: it works only on Quakespasm-spiked, not tested in other source ports but standard Quakespasm and VKquake don’t support this

You can change the renderer in the launch options. Right click the game on Steam, go into “properties”, and paste either of the following under launch options:

+r_rhirenderfamily “d3d11”


+r_rhirenderfamily “opengl”

I noticed that QuakeSpasm and vkQuake have started adding support for the 2021 release in their source code.

I’ve built vkQuake from the latest source and it looks as though Dimension of the Past and Dimension of the Machine are now playable. The campaign error messages are now gone and have had no crashes yet. It’s only the text that isn’t displaying properly now.

I’ve tried latest Quakespasm and latest VKquake…problem still persist, is the same as before. Do you have a link for the version you are using?

Certainly, I went to https://github.com/Novum/vkQuake then scrolled down to the ‘Building’ section in the readme and followed the instructions to compile vkQuake from the latest source code.

If you go to this link, you can see all the recent changes they’ve made with regards to the 2021 release.

I can’t imagine it will be long until these changes are available in a pre-built release.

I hope the same will applies to Quakespasm Spiked: it supports pk3 files (i’ve converted all my mods in pk3 format…I’ve spared many GBS, my Arcane Dimensions folder is only 506 mb…and has EVERY single map released for it. Anyway I’ll try soon, at least I play without that horribile underwater effect of Quake Remastered

I’m losing my patience with github crap…I’ll wait til becomes official

Seems to just be QuakeSpasm and vkQuake at the moment. Though I’m sure QuakeSpasm Spiked will get updated too eventually.

I did try your compatibility patch with vkQuake. I kind of got it to work by taking the ent files from your pk3 and placing them inside the maps folder of the Dopa pak file. The text displayed correctly for difficulty selection but unfortunately not for the item pickups etc.