Quake settings, config, console command

Is there a way to permanently save some console settings? I use quakespasm and some settings are not present in the menu such as field of view, so I can adjust it via console command, example ‘’ fov 110 ‘’. When I quit the game, however, it does not save this setting and forces me to enter it manually each time via the console. FOV is not present in the config file. Is it possible to add it in the config file? Also, is there a mod for quakespasm that extends the settings from the game menu in detail? Or anything that allows me to play mods like arcane dimensions, dwell by selecting them from the menu instead of the console command? No Darkplaces or other engine.

Create “autoexec.cfg” file alongside the regular config. You can put any settings there that you want to take priority.

Don’t forget that configuration files require (?) quotation marks around values, such as:

fov "110"

I recommend using autoexec.cfg method as well.

Regarding FOV, be aware that there’s also a console variable fov_adapt in QuakeSpasm which is there so it automatically adjusts FOV for widescreen, if set to “1”.

I’m not very practical, how do i create an autoexec.cfg file? I just need to rename the config already present in autoexec.cfg? i tried to make a copy of the original config file, rename it to autoexec.cfg and once I enter the commands, it doesn’t seem to work. I tried to add fov “110” in the original config file, when I load the game everything seems ok but if I quit and re-enter everything returns as before and in the original config file the command fov “110” I entered is automatically deleted.

If you do not know how create cfg use any config (example original config file) copy/paste somewhere and rename autoexec.cfg

Open and Add

fov 110

save and close. Copy autoexec.cfg in id1 or any mod folder…

Do not duplicate config.cfg as autoexec.cfg. What if you want to change some settings from the menu? Autoexec will override them with your old settings if it’s full of unnecessary stuff.

Just create a text file and rename it to autoexec.cfg. If you’re gonna copy and paste config.cfg, at least remove everything from the copy before adding your new commands.

The game cannot remove anything from autoexec.cfg, so nothing should be disappearing from there.

When it comes to launching mods, I’m using batch files for that. Windows shortcuts can fill the same role. There are probably enough materials on the internet on using command line parameters. The one you need in this case is simply “-game”.

Well, correction: official mission packs use “-hipnotic” and “-rogue”, and Quoth uses “-quoth”. Folder is not specified, unlike with “-game”. These are exceptions though.