Quakemaps tumblr blog

Hello! I maintain the http://quakemaps.tumblr.com/ blog and I thought some people here might be interested in checking it out, making suggestions or even helping to maintain it.

It’s been alive for a year now, with around 670 followers. I post what I think are nice screenshots of Quake maps once per day. I take the shots myself in Quakespasm, mostly. I’m currently digging through a very large old map collection from 1996-1998 I got with a “complete Quake CD” years ago, so there’s some obscure stuff in there that doesn’t exist on this site. As well as that I’ve been featuring some of the amazing modern maps that appear thanks to the map jams etc.

I must admit, there is a massive gap in my knowledge regarding maps created from around 1999 - 2013. If you guys want to suggest some standout maps to feature on the blog, I’d be delighted to load them up & take some shots for the blog. if you would like to submit screenshots that would be cool too, via the submit page on the blog. Or if you want to become a regular contributor I can even make you a member of the blog and we might even get it up to 2 posts per day if we can keep it consistent!

I just thought I’d start the conversation and see if anybody is interested in helping me curate a blog featuring beautiful screenshots of the best FPS ever made!

Really cool idea for a blog man!

Thank you Bloughsburgh :slight_smile: It would be nothing without all these amazing maps.

So is anybody interested in becoming a contributor, or suggesting maps for the blog?

Good idea & blog! Some of the pics are a bit to bright for my taste, though.

And maybe you could up that CD to a file-sharing site and link it to Spirit, so the archive can become more complete.

Thanks Jackieben! Yes, I have done some brightening on the pics. This is because I found while browsing the blog on the tumblr app it was difficult to see dark pictures. Those would also tend to get less “notes” in tumblr, because people just couldn’t see it properly to know if they liked it. I do have all the original TGAs backed up at standard settings, in case I want to archive them somewhere else and do some different post-production.

The CD has been misplaced :frowning: I’m pretty sure I never threw it away though, so I’m bound to come across it sometime in my storage.

Awesome blog dude. I’m getting level design ideas from these maps, thanks for sharing.

Wow! The snake eats its tail! I’ll keep an eye out for your work in the near future :slight_smile: My all-time favourite looking map is http://quakemaps.tumblr.com/post/132372201952/quakemaps-fearical-sonya-roberts-dm, so if that inspires you in any way I’d love to see it modernised!