Quakespasm problem

When I go to play Arcane Dimensions using Quakespasm it has low quality graphics like original Quake graphics. I have seen videos of it been played and it has high resolution graphics (like Darkplaces) What am I missing here?

Quakespasm (QS) doesn’t support high resolution texture packs in the same that Darkplaces (DP) does. I presume what you’ve seen are videos running at a higher screen resolution which might give the illusion of looking as ‘good’ as DP.

One thing that can add a bit of colour to QS is to open the console (press the “`” above your TAB key) during a game and type:

gl_flashblend 1

Hit Enter and close the console.

That command will add a little colour ‘halo’ around things like Enforcer gun fire and lava balls.

Between that and setting your resolution higher and turning the Brightness down in the menu QS should look a prettier for you. Just don’t expect all the bells and whistles that DP throws at the screen. :slight_smile:

To be honest, after a while of playing, I (personally) feel QS looks a bit nicer. Not all fireworks, sure, but very solid and spooky. But, then again, that’s coming from someone who plays with no texture filtering and at 720x480. I like big chunky pixels. :slight_smile:

EDIT: I had a bit of a brain fart. If you download the version of QS from here:


You’ll find 2 versions of the executable. If you use the SPIKE version, you’ll get hi res particle effects which is maybe what you’ve seen. There’s also a command to switch no weather effects in Sepulcher but I can’t remember it off the top of my head. It’s in the readme files that come with the above download. :slight_smile:

“Quakespasm (QS) doesn’t support high resolution texture packs in the same that Darkplaces (DP) does.” -
This is not quite right. You just need to pak QRP map & item textures with Pakscape, and put pakX.pak file to id1 folder. It affected on all old textures, except armors, weapons and monster models. With VISed maps you also get transparency on water, portals, ets.

Correction: It will replace the dynamic lighting cast by entities with a poorly drawn halo. Don’t ever use this command!!!

Hi guys! :slight_smile: Didn’t want to start a new topic for my QS/AD question, so here:

When an arcane key is picked up, a message appears. Something like “Press ‘i’ to open inventory and see your collected arcane keys”. Pressing ‘i’ does nothing for me because i don’t have it binded.
What is a console command to show said “inventory”?

QS 0.93.1, AD 1.70

“impulse 175” will do it. You can bind it with a command like bind h "impulse 175"

Thanks mate.
And i found this in ad_v1_70_documentation.txt supplied with the addon.
I gotta be more attentive :slight_smile:

Is there a way to connect to a server issuing a command like “./quakespasm -connect some.address.com:port” in terminal?

+connect instead of -connect and you are in.