Quakespasm spiked version

Quakespasm spiked version total mess up quake and other episodes and maps of quakes.Original quake set on nightmare,1st map door opens, and down bottom of passage way, loads of weapons and health and ammo waiting for you, with noraml quakespasm, none of that exists, its normal nightmare mode. Other episodes, and maps on here, all act strange with quakespasm spiked, went back to quakespasm 92.3 and all is well again

Nothing wrong with Quakespasm Spiked, do a fresh install.

external_ents 0
that will disable any .ent files you’ve installed, generally via some non-standard .pak file in your id1 subdir. Only pak0.pak/pak1.pak are standard, anything else is something extra you’ve installed somehow.

I did do a fresh install, 32 bit & 64 bit of spiked version, still the same out come.Other maps from on here act diffrent aswell with spiked version, but hey no worries as normal spasm works with no hic’ups.Its nothing to do with the pak files, as its only spiked version that acts up.Others do not normal spasm,dark places, fritz and so forth

Did you try external_ents 0?